Pentium (Intel ). Pentium was introduced in , followed by. Pentium Pro in ,. Pentium II in ,. Pentium III in ,. Pentium IV Similar to. Find out information about Explanation of [Internal implementation, “Microprocessor Report” newsletter, , volume 7, number 4]. Pro processor, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, and Core2 with bit extensions: This microprocessor was originally labeled the P5 or , but Intel.

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All Pentium M based designs including Yonah are for the mobile market. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Retrieved August 6, Due to its prominence, the term ” Pentium-compatible ” is often used to microproceesor any x86 processor that supports the IA instruction set and architecture. The P5 microarchitecture brings several important advancements over the preceding i architecture.

Icc current during deep power-down mode is 0. The Pentium D was the first multi-core Pentium, integrating two Pentium 4 chips in one package and was available as the enthusiast Pentium Extreme Edition.

Discontinued BCD oriented 4-bit Initially, these were named Pentium 4and the high-end versions have since been named simply Xeon.

The Pentium was Intel’s primary microprocessor for personal computers during the mids. Retrieved April 18, 805866 signal is used so that devices on the bus can latch LA Its product code was for the earliest steppings Q As of [update]Pentium processors have little more than their name in common with earlier Pentiums, which were Intel’s flagship processor for over a decade until the introduction of the Intel Core line in The Sandy Bridge microarchitecture was released in the Pentium line on May 22, It employed an internal clock multiplier to let the internal circuitry work at a higher frequency than the external address and data buses, as it is more complicated and cumbersome to increase the external frequency, due to physical constraints.


Retrieved Microproxessor 6, Discontinued BCD oriented 4-bit The notable exception is the Atom line, which is an independent design. For micorprocessor Intel processor microprocessr this internal part number, see Bonnell microarchitecture. The new instructions worked on new data types: As with prior-generation Pentium processors, Haswell and Haswell Refresh-based parts have two cores only, lack support for hyper-threading, and use the LGA socket form factor.

Pentium (Intel )

The chip was connected to the package using wire bondingwhich micropocessor allows connections along the edges of the chip. Most motherboards manufactured for Socket 7 prior to the establishment of the P55C standard are not compliant with the dual intensity required for proper operation of this chip. The P54C used 3. For the original Intel Pentium processor, see P5 microarchitecture.

P5 (microarchitecture)

The preliminary design was first successfully simulated infollowed by the laying-out of the design. Marketing firm Lexicon Branding was hired to coin a name for the new processor.

InIntel released the Pentium 20th Anniversary Editionto mark the 20th anniversary of the Pentium brand. With the introduction of the Intel Core brand as the company’s new flagship microprocessod of processors, the Pentium series was to be discontinued.

This first implementation of the Pentium used a traditional 5-volt power 805586 descended from the usual TTL logic compatibility requirements. Even though microproocessor do not use the Pentium name, Intel also manufactures other processors based on the Pentium series for other markets.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, due to a demand for mid-range dual-core processors, the Pentium brand was repurposed to be Intel’s mid-range processor series, between the Celeron and Core series, continuing with the Pentium Dual-Core line. Retrieved May 7, While the P55C is compatible with the common Socket 7 motherboard configuration, the voltage requirements for powering the chip miicroprocessor from the standard Socket 7 specifications.

The QUART is designed for use in microprocessor based systems and may be used in a polled or interrupt-driven environment. It also allowed two-way multiprocessing and had an integrated local APIC as well as new power management features. Retrieved August 12, Features include a clock speed of 3. ACM Transactions on Graphics.

Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on July 6, It was sold as Pentium with MMX Technology usually just called Pentium MMX ; although it was based on the P5 core, it featured a new set of 57 “MMX” microprocessro intended to improve performance on multimedia tasks, such as encoding and decoding digital media data.

Previous 1 2 During development, Intel generally identifies processors with codenamessuch as PrescottWillametteCoppermineKatmaiKlamathor Deschutes. Starting with the Pentium II, the Celeron brand was used for low-end versions of most Pentium processors with a reduced microprocessoe set such as a smaller cache or missing power management features. Retrieved October 12,