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This set of certifications enables to guarantee that all the reinforcing in place in the concrete and not only the steels at the exit of the mill fulfils the requirements taken into account fort the calculation and design of reinforced concrete. N 1 27 – QA87P3: Please submit your review for Adets. Moreover, that provision does not require the restrictions of competition ascertained actually to have appreciably affected trade between Member States but merely requires that it be established that the agreement was capable of having that effect.

Contrary to the applicant’ s assertions, the gravity of an infringement does not depend solely on its impact on the market. At the hearing, it stated that an undertaking was not prohibited from selling its products at a price level close to that of the prices imposed on a market, particularly if that price was high and its subsidiary was obliged to observe it by reason of its membership of the cartel.

Orders the applicant to bear its costs and to pay three-fifths of the Commission’ s costs. It is used in almost all areas of reinforced concrete construction. However, the remaining margin was sufficient to permit effective competition on the market on which the agreements found by the Decision had an appreciable impact Van Landewyck v Commission, cited above.

Viewed thus, its fine was almost the same as that of the other undertakings which the Commission regarded as playing an influential role regarding the agreements 3. Technically the structure consists of vertical posts of 10 diameter and 8 diameter for horizontal one which is cut into half with a panel of rigid ele ct r o – welded mesh r a il ing.

It is not necessary for an undertaking to have been aware that it was infringing the competition rules laid down in the Treaty for an infringement to be regarded as having been committed intentionally; it is sufficient that it could not have been unaware that the object of its conduct was the restriction of competition.


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Observation to we rwelded mesh 1 0 0 x 50, thickness [ That protocol recorded the results of the various negotiations between the French, Italian and Belgian producers and Arbed concerning the quotas and prices to be applied on the French market and fixed the quotas of Belgium, Italy and Germany as The Decision also took account, as a mitigating circumstance, of the existence of a structural crisis cartel in Germany, which led the parties established in other Member States to seek to protect themselves, although that did not justify the unlawful measures which they took point of the Decision.

Orders the Commission to bear two-fifths of its costs. It is undeniable, as stated in the Decision pointthat the existence of that cartel prompted the producers in other Member States to protect themselves. Findings of the Court 71 The applicant’ s participation in the agreements covering the German market is apparent from Mr Mueller’ s telex of 15 December to Thibodraad following a meeting held in Breda on 5 Decemberattended by the applicant, which states: Moreover, the Commission is of the opinion that it took account of the real effects of the infringements on the market in evaluating the gravity of the infringement in this case.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The applicant’ s participation in the agreements should not be appraised in isolation but in the wider context of the agreements concluded between the various participants on different partial markets.

For the purposes of applying Article 85 1 of the Treaty, there is no need to take account of the concrete effects of an agreement when it has as its object the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the common market.

The Commission considers that, whilst undertakings are entitled to take the necessary measures to adjust to economic necessities, they may do so only in conformity with the Treaty and, in that connection, it refers to Article 85 3 of the Treaty. Arguments of the parties 64 The applicant denies any participation in the agreements covering the German market. The fact cannot be ignored, as the Commission has rightly pointed out, that the applicant was, at a given time, involved in agreements covering the French, German and Benelux markets.

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It must also be stated that, after the increase recorded in andthe applicant’ s exports to the German market stabilized at a high level. These panels are filled with [ It concludes that it sufficiently identified the components of each infringement and set out the criteria for assessment of the gravity of the infringements, in particular regarding the mitigating circumstances found to be applicable to each undertaking. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

A concrete engineers and computer scientist’s team, lead by Jean-Jacques. The fact that such participation pursued the aim of obtaining information about market developments and exchanging views on the ideal allocation of products does not mean that it does not constitute treilliz infringement of Article 85 1 of the Treaty, since such participation is in itself contrary to that provision.

Furthermore, the Commission failed to take account of the fact that it does not belong to a powerful economic adetts, being an independent, unsubsidized family undertaking. Moreover, it submits that there is nothing contradictory about its examining each partial market in order to identify each agreement and each participant and then to consider the cumulative effects thereof, which must necessarily be evaluated in a wider context.

Base and sides of sp o t – welded meshmesh w i dt h approx. It considers that the Commission should have taken that into adest not only when fixing the level of the fine but also when making its finding as to the existence of an infringement. It is a prefabricated reinforcement product made from smooth or ribbed cold-drawn reinforcing steel wires joined together by right-angle spot welding to form a network.

Action for annulment – unfoundedAppeal against penalty – successful Applicant: