Badiou indicts this approach, which reduces politics to a matter of opinion, thus eliminating any of its truly radical and emancipatory possibilities. Metapolitics has ratings and 15 reviews. Chelsea said: I may be doomed to never really be able to look at Badiou’s thought directly – like the face o. Alain Badiou. European Graduate School. Follow. Abstract. Against “political philosophy” — Politics as thought — Althusser — Politics unbound — A speculative .

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But for Badiou, what is just is a politics that is never converted to a relation of the State, but instead remains as a perpetual revolution of the homogeneous multiplicity.

The ‘by logic’ of Ganguilhem must be understood as a double separation. Spencer – – Business Ethics: For as Spinoza, Cavailles’ philosophical inspiration, says, ‘Only free men are truly grateful one to the other. Now this makes sense in the larger movement of Badiou’s work, but this is without Badiou’s normal systemic lay-out of the position.

Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. To be more precise, ‘crisis’, from Badiou’s stand- point, is nothing but the opaque sign of the absence or invisibility of real politics, not a systemic or epochal fact.

Every definition relates politics to something other than itself in fact, most often to the Stateand de- singularises it by historicising it. For Badiou, politics reveals the discursive inconsistency of social statements and in so doing pierces through the common- sense fabric of the existing state of the situation.

Judgement must be adequate to this power, which means that it simply declares that what is, is good: Philosophy, by complete contrast, never ceases to define politics, because this comprises the immanent mode through which it places metapoliticd under condi- tion of real politics. Verso, ; and Chapter 9 below. Nonetheless it must be said that Badiou’s grasp is immensely strained, since his ontology operates in the realm of ‘pure mul- tiplicity’, which is to say that it presupposes, as one of its founding ontological axioms, that ‘Any experience at all is the infinite deployment of infinite differences.


Metapolitics – Alain Badiou – Google Books

It is crucial to recognise that when Badiou uses the word ‘politics’ he is not talking about this or that variety: It is obvious that we are living through the unconditioned primacy of opinions. But this swings in the other direction. Political terminology Political term stubs. Jan 28, John Victor rated it it was ok. If ‘revolution’ and ‘dialectic’ really metapoolitics the remnants of old ways of thinking politics then it is difficult to see what ‘change’ could mean in this instance.

Alain Badiou, Metapolitics – PhilPapers

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are two reasons for this unusual stance. The Way of Qigong. The Work of Sylvain Lazarus.


Certainly, their governments could be particularly aggressive in the service of ‘capitalist modernity’: It was inin his Peut-on penser la politique? A Speculative Disquisition on the Concept of. You act as though it were possible to ‘co-think’ the mental the ideas and convictions of revolutionaries and the material the Convention, etc.

Mathieu Dejean 25 May A contemporary politics is always politics- there [politique- la]. No ‘one’ can determine what is objectively good for a community. Science Logic and Mathematics. The silence of a good number of Resistance figures was one metapoliticw of a widely shared political conviction which felt under no obligation to clarify its involvement, either in the collapse of the Third Republic, or in the metxpolitics to Pctain, or on the question, which today is making a comeback, of the continuity of the State administration even in abject circumstances.

The declaration of a national day of mourning suggests that there are good grounds for commemorating something that, although national, is no less worthy of universal public celebration. As mentioned earlier, in these situations we have the option of showing fidelity to these ontologically emergent truths or rejecting them. Moreover, it was precisely in this demand for rigour, in this intellectual cult of necessity, that Canguilhem saw the unity of Cavailles’ commitment and of his logician’s practice.


This question is only fully resolved at the end of the analysis. The Work of Sylvain Lazarus 26 3 Althusser: How do these people think that a place like Wall Two 80 could continue to function if it had to kowtow to the dictates of every customer that walked through its door? Page numbers in brackets refer to the present text.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

In this follow-up to his highly acclaimed volume Ethics, a searing critique of liberalism, Alain Badiou discusses the limits of political philosophy. The most precious singu- larities for asserting alin freedom of thought i. But his immense merit was to have bequeathed us the question of how it might be done, since his teaching persuades us that ‘declaring the existence of singularities does not resolve the problem of the thought which permits their investigation’.

Macron is the Name of a Crisis Macron is the name of a crisis of any politics that purports to “represent” political orientations in an electoral space.

Metapolitics argues that one of the main tasks mstapolitics contemporary thought is to abolish the idea that politics is merely an object for philosophical reflection. This is mmetapolitics question of the formation of opinions. This is why I begin abdiou review with a situation. Common sense, which is sense of the in-common, is the norm to the extent that it distributes the critical plurality of opinions in accordance with the discernment of good and evil.