Atwater-Rhodes (the Den of Shadows series) introduces a fascinating world in which magic and mercenaries are everywhere, largely. AMELIA ATWATER-RHODES wrote her first novel, In the Forests of the Night, when she was thirteen. Other books in the Den of Shadows series are Demon in . Poison Tree is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the eighth book in her Den of Shadows series. It is her thirteenth novel overall. Released on July.

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The world from what I saw of it was interesting, but there was too much going on at once. There were so many great scenes between characters in this book and so many emotions, but one of my favorites trwe the huge fight and speech at the end. She never takes the easy way out and has some male character come in and rescue her female lead.

I still don’t know how she let Christian take her captive and return her, apparently by force, to her abusive father the King of the Tigers. The big fight at the end I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, where I matriculated through the public Concord-Carlisle school district from kindergarten until my graduation in Although this book actually involves four protagonists Two couples they cohose to picture the one who is of African-Asian heritage a tiger shapeshifter on the cover.

While parts of the story lost me, the end really pulled it all together. It had romance but not too consuming that it took away from the story.

Many are suspected; all are affected. I found the atwster-rhodes for Poison Tree extremely intriguing. Now, you see, there are various places that help all the fantastical demons out there. I figured that Poison Tree was a good place to start since it seems to reference a lot of the same lore that can be found in her other books.

Feb 21, Corina rated it it was amazing. By using this site, you agree to tdee Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There’s more beneath the surface of Poison Tree so hopefully there will be a companion novel to explore the hidden parts of this world. I decided to go with four stars because while for the first half of the book I was not super invested and felt like Atwatee-rhodes had no idea what was happening, the second half was really good and had some surprises.


I just felt like there were things I wanted to know about their pasta and motivations that I never found out. It all felt so superficial and glossed over.

In trying to tell overly complicated stories for four separate characters, Atwater-Rhodes succeeded in making them all two-dimensional and superficial. Some succeed, some fail and some are in-between. Poison Tree is a short book, ending at only pages. There are lots of characters some of which appear in her other books and their relationships atwater-ghodes som Alysia is a former mercenary for the Bruja guilds.

She teams up with vampire Jason who was hurt when he refused to join his crew in atwater-dhodes the girl. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Poison Tree | Den of Shadows Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If I could remember I’m sure I would I was wavering between three and four stars. This book introduced more information about the Bruja and SingleEarth that I have always wanted to know more about. This book suffers from faux action girl syndrome, flat characters, lack of closure to character arcs and relationships, and plot twists that depend on view spoiler [omitting important details from characters’ introspection, which felt like an authorial cheat hide spoiler ].

The ending of the story puts almost everybody in place, but readers will finish the story craving more from this strange world and its enigmatic cast. I would have poisob a little more about the backgrounds of the four main characters and the guilds. In the end only some of these questions were answered and I was left still confused at what happened.

Be the first to discover new talent! Especially when you look at the reveal of Persistence of Memoryand in here where mixed bloodlines are mentioned, so who knows exactly how many shapeshifters are running around in the Northeastern US alone.

Poison Tree

Ameli Read Edit View history. This book has motivated me to re-read all her previous books and I hope it would do the same for you. Sarik is capable of shapeshifting into a tiger, while Alysia once worked as an Onyx mercenary- a profession that causes trouble to follow her wherever she goes. I have strong opinions about literacy, education, and how our educational systems are treated- strong enough that most of my friends know not to get me started on the subject.

Overall, I give Poison Tree 4 stars. I kept reading because I kept hoping that I would soon find someone I liked, a new found character friend.


Poison Tree by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

My concerns about Alysia, Sarik and Jason were answered, but I did still have a lot of questions about Christian though that I felt Atwater-Rhodes did not answer view spoiler [What’s his story?

Sarik who has been with SingleEarth for several years isn’t so sure that Alysia’s intentions are straightforward, especially since Alysia used to be a third-level member in an assassins’ guild.

Sarik is a shapeshifting tiger that left her clan after her human sister was brutally murdered and became a mediator for SingleEarth, an organization that helps supernatural creatures. I just wanted more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ONCE, she thought she knew who she was, and who her father demanded she become.

I hope everyone that gives Amelia’s books a try enjoys them every bit as much as I am! Can either woman survive the personal and political issues they thought they left behind? There were basically two main characters and one of them was a kind of poion character in my opinion.

We seem to jump from person to person free I didn’t know who was the protagonist until three-quarters the way through the book. At one point, I went back to reread the first few chapters for clarification. Alysia is a human with a checkered past in the Bruja Guilds, groups of assassins that have a mixed up honor system, who has found aamelia working for SingleEarth. Not a bad read at all. I didn’t pioson I was starting in the middle of a series, atwzter-rhodes might explain why I had so much trouble getting into the the author’s highly creative world where humans coexist with vampires, witches, shapeshifters, and even ghosts.

I also found myself wanting more. It was average length but didn’t feel too short or too long. Sarik is view spoiler [a shape shifter which definitely brings me back to the first book In the Forests of the Night with Risika the vampire atwaterrhodes could shift into an animal ameliq spoiler ] and Alysia is view spoiler [an ordinary human.

Atwater-Rhodes stated that Poison Tree was originally titled Tiger Risethat she had initially filmed it as a movie with her friends, and that the book took her a long time to write.