“A stunning follow-up to the best-seller Angelology Part historical novel, fantasy, love story, thriller, and mystery It’s a must-read.” —Booklist (starred. Angelopolis (Angel, book 2) by Danielle Trussoni – book cover, description, publication history. Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all things pertaining to the real lives of working writers. Download the.

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For those readers who shy away from historical fiction for fear of reading a fictitious text book… Fear Not! The evocative and descriptive quality of Trussoni’s prose is mesmerizing and gains momentum especially in the most action-driven second half of the book. I read daniellf first book in this series – Angelology – 3 years ago. There was little reminiscent here of the lush prose and interesting characters of the first book.

There was absolutley no character development, much of the descriptions read like excerpts from an encyclopedia and some parts just did not make sense at all. It seemed like a cross between really good urban fantasy and excellent religious fiction with a twist angelopilis the biblical scholarly type book thrown in.

I hope the third will be better. When young nun Evangeline and art historian Verlaine were brought together Angelology 1 by their common interest in angel iconography, little they knew they would become the most important players of a century-old conflict.

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There were a few scenes bursting with action, but they were spread out few danjelle far between the scenes that comprised the bulk of the book: While a supernatural and metaphysical thriller filled with evocative and decadent details of its environment; still, Angelopolis maintains for the reader that most important and unifying link between reader and read: She is hunted by the badass Eno and twin brothers of her grandfather Percival who were cloned from him?

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This book ends on yet another cliffhanger. I loved the Faberge egg explanations too. This series is rare in its sophisticated and well researched subject matter. Angelopolis Angelology Author s: There were also really good historical references where the Nephilim were integrated seamlessly into historic figures, giving them a believability that carried throughout the book.

Moreover, Evangeline has been taken. ARC provided by Netgalley. She married the French filmmaker Hadrien Royo in in Brittany.

Danielle Trussoni – Wikipedia

This was punctuated by bits of fast paced action, which was pretty good. The characters felt realistic and the plot unraveled in a delicate balance of action, prose and context that kept the pacing quick The sequel felt completely different. It’s much more engaging and makes you turn the page. Although I have a general idea about the research that will go into a book when I begin it, I tend to do the bulk of my research as I write each scene.

I’m just not one of them, and I am quite certain neither bu any of my friends. At least, these are my favorite kinds of novels.

Danielle Trussoni

Learn how your comment data is processed. March 26, Sold by: Since they do both already know it, long explanations about it can seem ridiculous, if not insulting to the character on the receiving end of the monologue. I also agree with the problem referred to in the review by Beth Fish Readswhich is that the very end of the Second Book, like the end of the first, was just not consistent with everything else we had been led to believe.


It begins well, with our hero from book 1, Verlaine, and his meeting with Evangeline. We simply have to take it on the word of the Angelologists that the angels are evil. Ten years have passed since Verlaine watched his lover, Evangeline, take flight from the Brooklyn Bridge as her true self, an ancient species born of human and angel parents. Jesus and associated ethics of love and morality generally do not play a role in these two books.

We meet members of Evangeline’s family, and find friends and enemies that she was unaware of.

Interesting lectures, yes, but it left little room for the characters to develop, grow or reveal meaningful relationships. Set up a giveaway. Book Two takes us to Siberia, in Russia, to a secret installation where many different types of angels are trusdoni residence, willingly or no. It looks like these angels will be larger than life soon enough. Angelopolis takes place all over the world, in countless extraordinary landscapes.

In Trussoni’s fantasy, the danjelle day Nephilim are ruthless and ambitious beings, more connected to the material world than creatures from Heaven should be. She lived in France from and her memoir, The Fortressfocuses on this period in her life.

However, the ending confused me. Though there are some problems with the books, they do sound fast paced and interesting, and worth taking a chance on. Whatever a writer may do to mask herself, she is still there, recognizable.