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It contains the narrative of a Spanish traveller who witnessed some of the cruelties practised upon the natives by the Spaniards. The chapter alluded to contains verso of leaf suqs the following passage: In this the author gives us nineteen books and eleven chapters of Libro veynte y ultimo desta primera parte. As averry characteristic in manuscripts of this period, a vast store of information is packed into the text, which is partly concrete with indubitable historical fact, and at other times expansive with mere hearsay.

Sylvanus was the first to break with the blind confidence that almost every scholar in the beginning of the 16th century had in the atlas of the old Alexandrian geographer At the top are the Arms of the University of Paris, and the initials of the. With large folding cut of a combat of the American Indians, and numerous full-page woodcut illustrations of Indians, monkeys, mourning ceremonies, etc.

An exceedingly scarce work with the famous world map by Peter Apian, which is usually missing. Every reference to the great navigator at this early period, only twentyfour years sas the discovery of America, possesses interest. De la segunda parte de la general historia de las Indias. It enjoyed considerable popularity, and was translated into Latin and the principal European languages.

De victoriis nuper in Africa habitis.

Bibliotheca americana et philippina. [Vol. 1, no. 5]

John Holywood of Oxford. The purpose of this tract is to prove the sovereign Empire and universal dominion by which the Kings of Castille and Leon held the West Indies. Suma de geographia que trata de todas las partidas y provincias del mundo; en especial de las Indias y trata largamente del arte del marear; Juntamente con aveey esphera en romance; con el regimiento del Sol y del Norte; nuevamente hecha.

  ISO IEC 15418 PDF

Printed in Roman Letters. Parte Primera de la chronica del Peru, que tracta la demarcacion de sus provincias: Pages of the jeaanne part contain an account of Columbus and his discovery of America, which, although short, is of considerable interest, as it was originally written before the year According to Leclerc, the three remaining books dealt respectively with: This, the second, edition of Lilius is one of only six incunabula from the press of Ayolfo de Cantono.

This edition contains elaborate notes by Camers but is chiefly of interest on account of the map. With numerous astronomical and geometrical diagrams throughout the text. This is of course the work of Chaves, whose large map of the New World is said to have never yet been printed. This tract contains a strong enunciation of Las Casas’ convictions, which grew out of his controversy with Sepulveda.

Copia de passadsa cartas de algunos padres y hermanos de la compania de Jesus, recebidas I He became personally acquainted with these illustrious persons on their return home, and frequently, as we find from his own letters, entertained them at his own table.

Humboldt seemed to think that it formed a separate work, sometimes bound up with the Cosmographia, yet the words ” cum tabellis Geographicis ” imply that the maps are part of the original work.

Released after some days, he was persuaded to return psasadas Lima, and it was suggested that, in consideration of his release, he should urge the Audiencia to leave the government to Gonzalo Pizarro.

A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

Valencia, Francisco Diaz Romans, Robertson’s ” Catalogue of Authorities. At the end is appended a Relacion made in by Hernando de Ribera, whom Cabeca de Vaca had sent on a journey of exploration northwards up the River Paraguay. He bequeathed his maps, instruments, and original cosmographical works to the Monastery of La Cartuja at Seville, inserting a clause which forbade their removal under any circumstances.

His correspondence with these has been preserved, and covers a period of not less than thirty-seven years, fromwhen he came originally to Spain, tothe year preoeeding his death.

A valuable addition to the text is the ” Copia delle lettere del prefetto della India la Nova Spagna detta,” which comprises the earliest authentic description of Francisco Pizarro’s entry into Vudas, the original document having aztrologia received in Europe only a year before the publication of this book. This is a very fascinating little book written by a very interesting person.

90 best ASTROLOGIA–E–AFINS- images on Pinterest in

A magnificent copy of a most passsdas book. Astrologiw is the scarce First Edition of the first of four series of Jesuit Letters, many of which relate to Brazil. It relates principally to the East Indies, but contains some particulars of the Portuguese conquests in the New World, and is included in Dr. Newfoundland had not yet been discovered to be an island. Thevet, a Franciscan Friar, went out with Villegagnon inwhen the latter attempted to establish a French colony near the mouth of the Rio Janeiro, on the coast of Brazil, and returned apparently the year following with Bois-leComte, the nephew of the former leader.


It contains the Italian version based on Giocondo’s Latin rendering of Vespucci’s famous third voyage the first under the Portuguese flag. Printed in italics; numerous illustrations. This edition contains only the first “book,” the only one translated into Spanish. Assegits los capitols e ordinacios del drets del general, e del dret del pes del Senyor Rey ab altres coses necessaries.

Isolario Suad Benedetto Bordone. Bound by Chambolle-Duru in full levant morocco, gilt lines on sides, gilt back, inside dentelles, g. On the Western half we find the New World represented astrrologia the north as a long strip of land, bearing the inscription Terra de Cuba.

The work itself comprises a collection of extracts from Pliny’s Natural History, which was written in the fourth century by Solinus. Mexico, Juan Jsanne Bressano, It is, in fact, the only book which exhibits the ‘physical aspect of the country as it existed under the elaborate culture of the Incas ‘. Here was an authentic account of a vast jeannf, potent and populous, exhibiting an elaborate social polity, well advanced in the arts of civilisation, occupying a soil that teemed with passada treasures and with a boundless variety of vegetable products, stores of wealth, both natural and artificial, that seemed, for the first time, to realise the golden dreams in which the great discoverer of the New World had so fondly, and in his own day, so fallaciously, indulged.

Venice, Jacobus Pentius de Leucho, 20th March, Many amusing pages are devoted to the Indians, their idolatry, religious and funeral rites, miracles, marriage and social customs, laws, and quaint habits, one of which is laconically noted thus: Giustiniani inserted on the margin of his book the biography referred to. Newfoundland had not yet been’discovered to be an island.

The continuity is broken by the margin in consequence of the peculiar plan of the astrokogia, so that Cuba and Hispaniola appear next above, near their proper places; and far beyond them, at the same degree of latitude as Ireland, an unfinished shore bearing the words “Regalis Domus,” indicates the northern continent, while Labrador Terra Laboratorus is represented as an island off the coast.