option 1. am to pm, Monday to Friday. ATO online services for registered agents. 13 72 86 FKC 3 3. am to pm, Monday to Friday. Forms for registered agents to lodge an application for a deferral. To update GST reporting methods call 13 72 86 (FKC 1 1 3). If your client has a turnover of under $10 million, labels G1 and 1A must be.

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First home superannuation saver scheme. Our processing system is accurately showing that this return is not necessary and no lodgment demand letter will be issued. You must indicate on the form that you are applying for this refund.

Partnership and prior years and trust and prior years returns An International dealings schedule must be attached if you have entered an amount or there is a yes response to any of the questions: The ATO commits to publishing additional information in relation to the system performance within the network of the ATO.

Refer to ELS Due lodgment report to identify clients that have lodgment obligations. Average daily response time across all monitored pages Source: Indirect taxes four-year period of review A four-year time limit applies to claiming a refund or credit for indirect taxes.

zto A taxpayer may account for their GST on the wrong activity statement that is, in the wrong period. Every company, except subsidiary companies of consolidated groups, must ao a Dividend and interest schedule. Unable to see the Early stage innovation companies report in Tax Agent Portal Users must have the correct permissions set by their Administrator in Access Manager to view and lodge the form.

Lodgment of an electronic revision is done using the ELS form that applies to the activity statement being revised.


Research and development tax incentive schedule. We are progressively reviewing all information on our website so it better meets your needs. For example, how should the system deal with a situation where tax practitioners move from atl firm to another and their clients change. The user is prevented from logging in. A CP transaction can be associated with many clients.

Accuracy of information on the ATO Portals 4. When logging in, the screen remains greyed out while loading and either fails to load and remains grey or results in the system error message ‘An error has occurred while detecting your system configuration’. However, this situation is foc a challenge for the existing POI processes.

Tax agent phone services (Fast Key Code) guide | Australian Taxation Office

In relation to 4. Losses schedule BP The Losses schedule gathers more detailed information about losses available to be claimed in subsequent years by company, fund and trust entities. When entering the DASP Online system you must enter the clients current passport number however if your client has used the DASP Online system previously you need to ensure you use the same passport number that was used in the original application.

If Select all is chosen you need to deselect the Tax Bonus Payment role before you can update the other addresses. If you cannot lodge an amendment through the ELS, your software should allow you to print a copy of the return in our preferred vkc format.

Fic practitioners may be forced to move away from their pre-existing systems which are entrenched fk their business processes.

Superannuation lump sum schedule. Where the handling times are lengthy, the reasons for such delay could be explored and solutions developed.

Chapter 4: ATO’s tax practitioner services

It may appear that the report has not generated. Your practice Registration If your query relates to your tax agent registration, visit the Tax Practitioners Board External Link website. How to request a remission of penalty Disputing a penalty through the objection process How we assess a request for remission How we advise you of our decision Further action you can take How to request a remission of penalty You can ask for a reduction partial remission or cancellation full remission of any penalty, including penalties for failing to: Use the PAYG payment summary — superannuation lump sum to complete the worksheet.


There would need to be further analysis in relation to the specifics of the work type and associated capability gaps. If the file status shows that the lodgment or test was not successful, select the link to download the validation report to view any errors or warnings that need to be corrected.

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The ATO has taken action to address irritants and improve its services. If your client is unsure about whether the account is suitable for direct debit, they should contact their financial institution. If you lodged the ago via ELS the paper activity statement delivery preference can be reactivated by either.

This issue is caused by an Internet Explorer setting. Natural disaster assistance for registered agents. Multiple options can be selected on a single CP transaction.

A list of known fc issues affecting access to or use of our online services for business or tax practitioners, including the portals, electronic lodgment service ELSAUSkey and electronic commerce interface ECI.