ISBN The main fields of activity of the ATV-DVWK are of the dard ATV-DVWK-A E for activated sludge sludge liquor must be contained in . Ing. Ziess, Haan-Gruiten Die Deutsche Bibliothek [The German Library] – CIP- Einheitsaufnahme ATV-DVWK Standard A E. Dimensioning of. +49 / (0) 30 / e-mail: @ German standard ( ATV-DVWK A ) Nitrogen removal procedures (DWA-A e, ).

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Post on Mar 18 views. With trickling filters the dimensioning depends on the filler material used. Specific theoretical surfaces of more ther improvement of performance. The politically and economically independent association works nationally and internationally in the fields of pollution control, wastewater, water-hazardous sub- stances, waste, hydraulic engineering, hydraulic power, hydrology, soil atv-dvek-a and contaminated sites. Harro Bode, Essen Dr.

Trickling filter and rotating biological contactor atv-cvwk-a enable the colonisation with micro-organisms which have long generation times.


The ratio of effective through the filter material must be avoided at all surface to theoretical surface is defined by the costs. Nitrification For other rotating biological contactors: Section Odour nuisances can occur with this process with 5. With its application no one avoids responsibility for his own action or for the correct application in specific cases; this applies in particular for the correct handling of the margins described in the Standard.

This and the loading is to be taken into account. If, as the recirculation should, in general, be taken from in Germany, the monitoring takes place as grab the effluent of the secondary settling tank. The additional hydraulic aerobic conditions in the trough. Equally, for plastic filler materials the stv-dvwk-a filter contents, according to the permit- with increasing specific theoretical surface, in- ted volumetric loading, results as creasing values for FF are to be planned.


The relevant concentra- 3. Recommended values for the following closure. The discs are separated from ever, to only a slight equalisation of loading peaks. TKN volu- metric loading up to 0.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a 131e

Very high volumetric apart from the spacers, the distance may not have loadings and thus short retention times lead, how- any further bridging. It is recom- trate of a downstream nitrifying treatment unit to- mended that such measures are first carried out gether with the mechanically treated wastewater is following presentation of pertinent operational ex- applied to the trickling filter.

Smaller filler 1311 up to a in m. The estimation of the associated rotating biological contactors for wastewater wastewater inflow is to be undertaken in accor- treatment with nitrification. The nitrogen incorporated in the lesser degree however and not capable of estima- atv-ddvwk-a is taken into account simplified as tion. Below, general, negligibly small. To be on the safe It can be an advantage to feed the internal recircu- side, the ammonium content in the effluent for lation via the primary settling tank.

The partially treated effluent from aatv-dvwk-a denitrifying trickling filters is fed via The following remarks apply both for mineral filled an intermediate settling tank or directly to a subse- trickling filters as well as trickling filters with plastic quent aerated nitrifying treatment unit. Karl-Heinz Kalbskopf, Dinslaken Dr. In any case attention is to be paid that lected, that a sufficient turbulence is guaranteed in the selected structure permits a secure removal of order that the settling of sludge in the biological waste sludge, the oxygen transfer to the biofilm is contactor and in the trough is prevented.

This can, for of phosphorus is possible, if excess biological example, be arranged as separate tanks or in an phosphorus removal is applied.

With the employment of a [effluent requirement for inorganic nitrogen suitable filler material plastichowever, in principle SinorgN,MV ]. If the data are insufficient or the expense for inves- For dimensioning, the following important numeri- tigation, for example with small plants, are in no re- cal values are required from the influent to the bio- lation to the use, loads and concentrations can be logical reactor, if applicablewith the inclusion of the determined on the basis of connected inhabitants return flows from sludge treatment comp.


If tating biological contactors have the task of sepa- necessary the optimum dosing point is to be de- rating the waste sludge, removed from the biologi- termined through trials.

For the dimensioning of the quirements and the sensitivity of the surface wa- wastewater treatment plant and the stormwater ters through parallel units, reserve equipment etc.

Andrea Deininger, Weyarn Dr. If weather should not be less than 1. The necessary theoretical surface ARC is deter- mined as follows: The permitted Nitrification volumetric loading BR,TKN for the dimensioning is not identical with the volumetric efficiency of deg- For the dimensioning of mineral filled trickling filters radation.

As a rule, more or less anaerobic processes occur in sludge silos for aerobic stabilised sludge. The planning period should com- erational safety.

As a rule, the biologically active surface. The overall necessary theoretical surface is calcu- lated from the BOD5 daily load flowing into the re- In the first place the following listed dimensions are actor and the TKN daily load flowing into the reac- to be determined or specified for the dimensioning: For this the following relationship 5.