Recently we are now setting up availability monitoring using ccmsping. For this we have to separately register ccmsping are working for us.M. You want to use the availability agent CCMSPING to monitor the availability of systems and instances from the central monitoring system (CEN). You have. You can customize the availability monitoring with CCMSPING for ABAP and Java You can define the type of availability monitoring for application servers and.

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In this case, CCMSPING could not create a connection to the host where the message server of the monitored system is running, and the log file ccmsping. View more on this topic or Ask a question. Note If no systems are displayed in the lists, choose Load System List – more information below. You can also force the starting of all startup methods during running operation by resetting the corresponding monitoring segment to warmup status.

RFC error during logon: Availabiliy are various views available on the Configure Availability and Performance Overview screen, with which you can display information about the monitored systems and their application servers and logon groups. A logon group is regarded as available, monitorinng it is possible to log on to the application server with the best dialog system quality see Dynamic User Distribution.

To change the monitoring of availabiltiy, select the desired systems on the Configure Availability and Performance Overview screen by selecting the folder icon of the relevant systems.

CCMSPING Availability Monitoring – No Java only availability – No details

Not what you were looking for? Choose Monitor All Application Servers. Logon Check and Monitoring of Logon Groups Is Not Performed If the logon check and the availability monitoring of logon groups are not being provided with data for any monitored ABAP systems, this is konitoring because the corresponding data collection method is not executed.


With this function, you can monitor whether remote systems and their instances are available for work from the NetWeaver Administrator of your central monitoring system CEN.

Choose Copy Connection Data and Options. The following functions are available: The Configure Availability and Performance Overview screen appears.

Configuring Availability Monitoring

Archived discussions are read-only. Both are working for us. You can use the following monitoring methods to do this: The other possibility is monigoring you are operating an obsolete availability agent or are operating the availability agent in an obsolete mode; in this case, reregister the agent.

With this monitoring method, an application server is regarded as available if a free dialog work process responds to this call; that is, if it is possible to log on to this server. Creating and Changing Monitoring Rules. The following functions are then available to you:.

Displaying the Monitoring and System Data. To edit the client and user name choose Change button.

Note You can also use other techniques for availability monitoring: Therefore, proceed as follows:. You can check the availability of application servers using an RFC call directly to the server. Availability monitoring uses the alert and display functions of the monitoring architecture.

Message server port, message server host, and router string are displayed. This means that, in addition to a load balancing for availability monitoring, you can also have certain systems monitored by multiple CCMSPING agents, and therefore check accessibility.

You can monitor Java instances for their availability.

CCMSPING Availability Monitoring – No Java only availability – No details

If the runtime is exceeded in this way, the status of the data collection method changes to Fatal Errorthat is, the method is no longer executed, meaning that the values for the corresponding nodes become obsolete.


You can select time periods in which the availability of selected systems avilability not checked see Creating and Deletiong Monitoring Pauses.

Delete Systems from the System List. The files from this directory appear in a separate window. You can add new systems to the list of systems that can be checked using availability monitoring. A t tachments 4 Page History. Leave the default input parameters and choose Execute F8. To activate a view, choose the button, and then one of the following buttons:. The status Fatal Error is displayed. An ABAP system for which you have activated availability monitoring cannot be monitored.

WelcomeGuest Login Register. Java Message Server area, enter the following: You can monitor logon groups for their availability. Changing the Monitoring Rules for Systems. Which indirectly points us that somehting with services on that server. Activating the Monitoring of Systems.

Availability monitoring CCMSPING or hostagent

If you cannot find the system to be monitored on the availability monitoring configuration interface, proceed as follows:. You want to use the availability agent CCMSPING to monitor the availability of systems and instances from the central monitoring system CENbut the monitored systems are not displayed or are obsolete. The nodes of the monitored hosts do not exist or are obsolte.