DOWNLOAD Logics of Worlds is the sequel to Alain Badiou’s much-heralded masterpiece, Being and Event. Tackling the questions that had. Villanova New Encounters in French and Italian Thought (Dr. Brian A. Smith, University of Dundee) The Life of the Individual in Badiou’s Logics of Worlds. LOGICS OF WORLDS. Page 1. Page 2. Also available from Continuum: Being and Event, Alain Badiou Conditions, Alain Badiou Infinite Thought.

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His analysis is based on the given nature of a world, as this will determine the type of event that it can sustain. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Roughly speaking, this is the difference between what he calls a tensed and an atonic world.

Much of this terminology is familiar from Being and Event ‘s theory of radical, evental change, and Badiou’s aim here is not so much to alter that theory in any fundamental way as to remedy certain deficiencies he now sees in it.

My feelings on it are different. Tom rated it really liked it Aug 02, Math follows the inductive “analytical” side of the method. His formalism is a tool that can be used to recompose existing worlds and relate them to one another. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

This systematic killer pursues, in the giant ant hills he constructs, interests of survival and satisfaction neither more nor less estimable than those of moles or tiger beetles… every life, including that of the human animal, is beneath Good and Evil.

His philosophy seeks to expose and make sense of the potential of radical innovation revolution, invention, transfiguration in every situation. Badiou makes it clear that any real change must involve change at the ontological and phenomenological level: In Logics of Worldsas in the earlier book, Badiou’s overriding aim is to theorize the possibility of radical noveltyor of discontinuous and essentially unforeseeable change, in any of a variety of domains chiefly those of the “four generic procedures”: Having sublimated the formalisms of mathematics into philosophical thought, Badiou would introduce to us a more specific and thus generalized logic on which to understand the various collections and connections we witness in our everyday lives.


Although the terminology echoes idealist theories from Kant to Husserl, Badiou emphasizes that in speaking of such structuring as “transcendental” he does not in any sense intend to give a theory of the transcendental subject.

The phenomenal worlds in which we experience our life as individuals can reflect accurately their material, ontological, base. What is not discussed is the possibility of transforming an atonic world into a tensed world, or simply changing the relation between the transcendental world of appearance and its ontological base.

Logics of Worlds by Alain Badiou (PDF) – SubSense

Feb 21, Alex Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Without going into detail, the postulate of materialism states that for every ontological multiple that appears in a phenomenological world, all of the elements of that multiple also appear as atoms basic elements of appearance, and that all such atoms of appearance in a world are, likewise, linked to a unique element of an ontological multiple.

Open Preview See a Problem? Badiou’s method does allow for some greater control in adjusting and decomposing kogics greater control, but I think that Lgoics himself misses the larger aesthetic of Deleuze by pursuing too recklessly the desire for validation.

He can engage with Kierkegaard fruitfully.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. With such a site Badiou gives three further types of change: A proper analysis of this would have to present an analysis that woelds as its central focus the construction of logics in philosophy and in worlds and would link this idea to his earlier concept of the space of compossibility.

Skip to main content. To dissolve a situation via a formalism and then to pogics it back together allows one to continually create new models, new methods of dissolution and then synthesis via application.


This move by 19th century mathematicians following Weierstrass’s reluctant but compelling argument for what eventually comes modern day set theory is thus taken as being unequivocally true by Badiou and absorbed into his approach.

How we decide to decompose a situation into chunks will in reverse allow us to assemble them badipu together. Whereas Qorlds and Event theorized the overarching structure of Being at least insofar as it is speakable as modeled by the axioms of standard set theory, Logics of Worlds turns instead to category theory to model the domain of appearing. I was pretty nadiou lost and had to rely upon my understanding of the phenomenological analyses and applications to thinkers to get me through.

The book culminates in an impassioned call to ‘live for an Idea’. No trivia or quizzes yet. His transcendental dialectic surpassed the different singular “logically independent worlds” qua faculties to give us a method of relating phenomenon together, stitching together a world through the continuance of their parts.

Nick rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Tom Pepper rated it it was amazing Jun 12, The synthesis portion was given publicly and that’s why the Euclidean method we have today is nothing but synthesis. Nov 08, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: To live is to live for an idea, for an individual to incorporate themself into a subjective body engaged in the production of truth that will radically change their world.

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He rejects this flip in Deleuze so he can then “discover” it again — only doing so on his terms. The formal theory of the subject begins to fill in the most important gap in Being and Event, namely how subjects subsist once they are formed.

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