Christopher Rowley’s novels about the dragon Bazil Broketail Bazil Broketail ( Bazil Broketail, #1), A Sword for a Dragon (Bazil Broketail, #2), Dragons o. Bazil Broketail [Christopher Rowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aided by a hideous new terror of unbelievable cruelty known only as. This is the rebranded title of the book Bazil Broketail by the same author. It was a favorite of mine when I was younger, and I looked forward to seeing it in digital.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I forget the name, but one novel I read years ago had this flaw. The series has been reformatted for digital eBooks with new visuals and expanded text under the title Battle Dragons, published by Voyager.

Anyway, read this series. Freemartins are generally faster and smarter than other types. Land of Terror Surviving a volcano’s blast and separated from the th Marneri Dragonsthe extraordinary Bazil Broketail and dragoneer Relkin find themselves in a vast, untamed jungle that stretches south from the shores of the Inland Sea.

Fortunately, Waakzaam bazill away, tending to business on another of the Twelve Worlds he held in his grip. Other wealthy provinces, such as Arneis are tempted to join the rebellion which is the work of bazl grain magnates.

The th dragons are involved in the critical fighting and ultimately it is they who brkketail Waakzaam to leave Ryetelth just ahead of death by dragonsword. They are actually wingless Wyverns with vestigial wing nubs, indicating their once dragon heritage, but later evolved into aquatic creatures. I reread these about once brokehail five years. Bazil Broketail sold well, and has stayed in print for 11 years.


The Argonath empire is built on the ruins of Veronath.

Bazil Broketail

This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Dragons of War The th are on a mission to quell religious strife in the hills of Kohon when the word reaches them that the Masters have launched a huge invasion of Kenor with the clear objective of cutting bbazil through to the settled lands on the coast.

The Enemy is the nation of Padmasa, a harsh regime ruled by five self proclaimed “Masters”. The magic system laid out here is wonderful and unique, focusing on sacrifices and movement between the planes of existence. In fact, I often use these books as an example of the worst cover art that I have ever seen.

Overall this was a fantastic book and Bzzil would recommend it, if it wasn’t quite so preoccupied with romance and such. Views Read Edit View history. Christopher Rowley is a prolific writer of both science fiction and fantasy novels. Or the fact that it is so hard to find the books now.

All across the Sphereboard of Destiny oppressed peoples rise up with joy in their hearts at this tremendous groketail of liberation.

These Dooms rule different cities around Padmasa, including the Doom that was destroyed by Bazil Broketail at Tummuz Orgmeen, and the one that resides in the frozen fortress of Axoxo. The beast towered over him.

Bazil Broketail Series

Bazil Broketail is a fantasy novel written in a style that reminds me of military science fiction. The Masters know that cannon can break the military ascendancy of the Argonathi dragon force. They are occasionally assisted by the Sinni, a race of demigods that come from other worlds or dimensions.


The humans breed the Basics into “dragons” while the Basics breed humans into a variety of troopers broketzil mounts.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Interesting bzzil on dragons. The peoples still speak Verio. Jun 06, Meryl added it.

Bazil Broketail Series by Christopher Rowley

Bazil Broketail did not live up to my expectations. Also there were way too many plot necessary events going on off stage. If village dragon Bazil Broketail and his Orphanboy Relkin cannot prove their lighting mettle in an arena of honor, can they rescue Besita from Doom’s fortress? I picked up this series expecting based on the woefully inaccurate cover art a fantastic farce: My parents gave me what little spending money they could scrounge together to pick up a souvenir.

It contains two continents and has seen several empires in its history. Educated for the most part at Brentwood School, Essex, England, he became a London-based journalist in the s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Crullos, a type of brasshide light purple in color also exist, but are rare, only one, named Vaunce, is mentioned. After an epic journey the Argonathi army arrives in time to play a crucial part in the battle of Salpalangum.