Mesmerized (Hqn) [Candace Camp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Candace Camp. Mesmerized · Add To Cart. Mesmerized. From the Publisher. Her Cross To Bear. All her life, Olivia Moreland has denied her clairvoyant. Mira, Oct , , pp. ISBN: In Olivia Moreland works at exposing hoaxes that prey on the grieving who desperately want to.

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Mesmerized : Candace Camp :

I think my stars are only for the paranormal side, I kinda enjoyed them. I never knew quite which way the story was going to turn! I enjoyed the first plot much better than the second which was basically a ghost story wrapped up in camdace historical mystery that is slowly revealed to them as they experience these visions.

Reading a Candace Camp book is like a box of chocolates It seemed to be a unique Victorian Romance about camo paranormal skeptic out to prove that a “Russian psychic” is a phony. Just not enough for me to love it! Mesmeried believe this story will appeal to those who enjoy slightly unconventional historical romance novels, especially if you enjoy a touch of the paranormal as well.

It also made more room for the two mysteries at hand: Each character was well developed, and added something to the story, and often times I found myself unable to put canface story down. Sheena readingvixen l Goodreads. After his brother’s death, Stephen came home to claim the family title along with an ancestral home named Blackhope Hall which seemed to be more intriguing than the home he remembered and grown up in.


For canndace, the only downside to their relationship was the character Pamela who I felt added an unnecessary jealousy plotline.

I also now have the rest of the books in my reading queue so I can get them read before the next one comes out. Mesmerizee didn’t like it Most of the last half memerized the mesmerizer dragged on as the characters rehashed the same ideas and conversations over and over again.

Other books in the series. And, of course, fall in love. There are some aspects of this story that I found thoroughly enjoyable, and a couple of things that I didn’t enjoy or found unrealistic that had nothing to do with the paranormal aspect of the story. Want to Read saving…. As they search for answers, Stephen and Olivia discover that the only way to fight a powerful evil is with a powerful love.

Overall book rating

Leger meeting Cabdace Olivia Moreland during a seance. Published December 26th by Harlequin Books first published October 1st Actually, most of the scenes should’ve been great but I found that the writing isn’t for me. I wanted less of the characters sitting around and saying “But it couldn’t be real!

As might be expected, it fails as both, and is therefore disappointing and strange. To view it, click here.

Review: Mesmerized by Candace Camp

Looking for beautiful books? The cadace part of the plot involves Olivia Moreland, daughter of an eccentric duke who has taken up debunking fake mediums who claim to help rich people reach their loved ones who have passed away.


Worse, sometimes, their good qualities were literally spoken. Nor can she ignore the intimate connection she feels with Stephen, as if she has somehow known him before Mass Market Paperbackpages. Olivia was naturally skeptical and in part started her business to discover if there was any truth to the claims. She meets up with Lord Stephen St. The Mad Morelands 1 Publication Date: What I found was a good historical romance AND good paranormal parts.

Stephen was immediately intrigued by the work Olivia did and quickly became enamored with her.

Now, on what I enjoyed about this story. But when Stephen, Lord St. I was so in awe of the writing, the story and the Moreland family in that book that I just had to go back and read all of the first books. Stephen asks Olivia to come to his home to help expose the medium and stop his mother from having her grief tak This book was really two books in one.