5th Insight; 6th Insight; 7th Insight; 8th Insight; 9th Insight; 10th Insight; 11th Insight; 12th Insight .. The Celestine Prophecy: Second Insight Experience Study. I found The Tenth Insight to be even more powerful than The Celestine Prophecy. Putting all of the spiritual lessons we have learned to work and keeping our. The Tenth Insight is the sequel to Redfield’s earlier book, The Celestine Prophecy. In order to understand why The Tenth Insight is so disappointing.

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Jun 25, Paul Falk rated it really liked it Shelves: The narrative begins with a chapter of exposition, referring briefly to the events of the previous novel and explaining the circumstances that brought the narrator to this new phase of his explorations – the mysterious disappearance of his friend Charlene, with whom he had begun to deepen exploration of the Nine Insights he discovered in the first book.

I give it four stars because, though it is just a piece of a larger puzzle, I think many of the ideas have transformative potential and I hope that they will spread. But curing a sprained ankle with thought is too much, and going back to previous lives to see why things are happening to us in this life.

When we help others, we karmically begin to attract people into our lives who act the same way; they in turn, help us.

[PDF] The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (Celestine Prophecy) Full Colection

Third Insight Experience Study The Third Insight Experience Study The 12 insights have been designed to guide you through the universal laws that govern the unseen cellestine world, just as scientists assist us in understanding the physical realm. Here’s where Redfield tries to apply his philosophy to global rather than individual problems.


Instead, it left me with more questions.

The increased consciousness and the chance happenings and meeting of people. The World Vision is total, thoughtless bullshit. In large part this was due to the quality of the writing, which was acceptable, barely, but not really all that good.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision – Wikipedia

Followed by, a full-blown, inspiring goal. The same karmic principle is in effect. Jun 02, Macoffkilter rated it it was amazing. I see so that I would evolve from a consciouness of fear to a consciousness of Love. In this way, following our Intuitions is the key to increasing our Synchronistic Insiht and maintaining our flow of destiny.

Holding the Vision by James Redfield. Books by James Redfield.

In this level of consciousness, we 10rh more purpose driven and receptive to how those in the afterlife are lifting us up. In these times, we can see our own particular way of stealing energy from others.

I could follow Redfield’s being mad at prophcey the white man did to the Indian, and building that into his story. The Interpersonal Ethic We can increase the frequency of guiding coincidences by uplifting every person that comes into our lives.

Yet, I am convinced of the spiritual realm angelic with earthly realm humans and atmosphere. Personally, I’ve discovered celestkne the “questions” that I cherish most, more so than hoping for a discovery, a revelation.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision Summary & Study Guide

In the sequel to The Celestine Prophecy, Redfield moves the fictional spiritual adventure to the wilds of the North Carolina Appalachians, an area with which the author is quite familiar. It is more philosophical and less plot oriented, but unfortunately the philosophy, on the whole, is more esoteric and less interesting. Giving Energy Increases Our Synchronistic Experiences Once we clearly see the process of Synchronicity, what we observe most insifht is that PEOPLE provide many of our Synchronistic experiences; yet, sometimes others do not feel comfortable talking to us.


The Power of Prayer In pophecy level of consciousness, we become more purpose driven and receptive to how those in the afterlife are lifting us up.

It was published in I was ready for this book. The next day, the narrator begins his journey into the valley, following his instincts deeper and deeper into its wilder heart. When we return this energy, it moves our heightened energy back into them.

This enlarges us beyond our wildest dreams, providing we always act in harmony and recognition of it. Not much of a payoff for having to slog through the B-movie script.

While I admittedly found myself engaged as I read the story, that engagement fell far short of the mesmerization that I was hoping for. The allies make repeated efforts to apply their lessons in order to stop the Experiment, finally succeeding when they realize that its head scientist, a man named Feyman, is, like them, a member of the mysterious group of seven with the power to bring enlightenment into the world.

The forests of the Appalachian mountains were really cool and another perfect setting to explore these types of concepts.