May 24, Maybe try a different content type, this should work files. cfcontent. Jan 13, To output a Flashpaper format report, use a CFCONTENT type of . I know CFDocument only supports FlashPaper and PDF (as of CF8). TIA. Jun 11, Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end. Removing the trailing slash worked for me too (CF8). Thank you!!.

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I know this is an old postso from the CF9 timeframe. Some may know the available FileName attribute, which allows you to save the output to a cfcohtent.

This blog is running version 5. The first 2x “– boundary ” lines I cf88 coded as “– boundary –“. Managed Hosting Services provided by. Then you could manage that cached result any of the many ways that have long existed for caching other tag results in shared scope variables.

Access on 64bit ColdFusion?

I had a query that I moved into a custom tag. Good to see I’m not nuts, I’m dealing with the same problem. It was much simpler to code the app just to generate the PDF on the fly and email it as an attachment and leave storage up to the user. Have them both, and you definitely get some sort of bug. Just trying to help you when you present the question elsewhere. BTW, is this for an engineering publication? If anyone comes across this post and is still looking for a solution, I was able to get this to work by passing a variable to cfcontent.


Thanks for all the help. The page just hangs waiting for a response, it appears. I was so excited to see it run on CF and see that it could be a real option for us moving forwar The content however is fine because when I save it with extension. You should check that out. That’s quite a curious leap. Posted By Dan G. Instead, I’d point you to other places where you can ask and get answers to questions. Charlie I just installed CF on my dev system.

But I’m guessing you must have had a reason to make it a variable. Maybe try a different content type, this should work for. What should the format attribute of the cfdocument tag be set to? I setup a FTP I just don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to let comments on a blog entry go off on a real tangent. While this is nifty and works well, it is not a great deal better than a switch statement – except it allows for fewer lines of code. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.

For my actual code, the end execution is required. This is just a simplified example to show off the issue.


Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end

Thanks, Todd, and happy cg8 help, John. Now even with hard coding the value in I am getting: I had simply mis-typed a couple of lines.

OK, this is great! I checked the datasources drop down and MS Access Charlie Arehart’s Server Troubleshooting Blog. You just have to write your own headers. A file doesn’t have such an attribute. I don’t remember the ascii codes for the decimal character, but I’m sure that’s pretty easy to find.

If you are like me, you end up writing code that switches against the file extension to set the mime type. That’s not obvious from your question.

coldfusion – CF8 XML output problem with special character [SOLVED] | DaniWeb

So at least its a bug: That’s what I meant by the point I made under ‘why might you do this? This may not be news to some, but it was to me. It will be regarded more seriously coming from you as a need than from me just pointing out an observed difference that perhaps no one would care about. We found another way to work it.