Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : C E ioned. Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice [Charles Edward Callwell] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the American war in Vietnam. : Small Wars Their Principles and Practice (): Colonel C.E. Callwell: by Colonel C.E. Callwell (Author) . Charles Edward.

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It is intended merely to give a sketch of the principles and practice of small wars as regards strategy and tactics, and of the broad rules which govern the conduct of operations in hostilities against adversaries of whom modern works on the military art seldom take account. The fact that tills transport has to be fed itself and that it may have to carry its own food has been commented upon.

Thus, from Callwell in the 19th Century, and good-to-go even today, to understand “small wars” as:.

Small Wars Their Principles And Practice

Pace of column to be regulated by that of rear guard. A few examples of these great unwieldy moveable magazines may be cited here in illustration. Their Principles and Practice. The less fertile and productive the theatre of war, the more elaborate have to be the arrangements for the commissariat.

Supply both of food and of water is in reality merely a matter of calculation. Sometimes the very column which had escorted a convoy far afield would bivouac by the convoy till its contents were consumed, and would then escort the empty wagons back. The River Column, starting from Hamdab beyond Korti carried with it days’ supplies, which was believed to be sufficient to take it to Berber.

In Dahomey the French encountered most determined opposition from forces with a certain organization which accepted battle constantly. A fortified village crowded with warriors was found a few hundred yards off, and as a preliminary it was decided to capture this. Military operations are always undertaken with some end in view, and are shaped for its achievement. The French, on the other hand, entered upon their final campaign against the Malagasies with an exaggerated notion of the opposition they were likely to meet with.


Many examples of this might be quoted. Hoche, whose conduct of the campaign against the Chouans and insurgents from La Vendee will ever remain a model of operations of this kind, achieved success as much by his happy combination of clemency with firmness, as by his masterly dispositions in the theatre of war.

The question of the wounded. In cases such as these the warfare will somewhat resemble the struggles between modern armies, and the principles of modern strategy and tactics are largely if not wholly applicable. Another and altogether different kind of enemy has been met with at times in Morocco, in Algeria, and in Central Asia.

Small Wars by Colonel C E Callwell : a Military Times Classic – Military History Monthly

In the campaigns above-mentioned, the hostile forces had enjoyed the advantage of possessing instructors with a knowledge of European methods. The enemy is generally fully alive to the importance of destroying the water supply, which can easily be done in the case of scattered wells; in the Mohmund campaign ofthe hill men broached their tanks, and this was one of the chief difficulties General Elles had to contend with. But an army following the course of the great river was free of all anxiety as to water, and was able, by using boats as shown in an earlier paragraph, to dispense with the huge trains of transport animals which usually form so essential a feature of a desert campaign.

Armed opposition was not to he expected north of Korti, therefore between Wadi Halfa and that point the transport of the troops and their food, and the arrangement of supplies for feeding them en route, were practically the only points to be thought of.

The subject of the selection of the objective does not lend itself to exhaustive treatment, and is certainly ward one with regard to which rules of conduct could with advantage be drawn up.

But the principle remains the same. Director of Military Operations August —December The difficulty of calculating the time within which supplies can be stored along a line of communications, even amall the enemy has not to be taken into account, was thus dharles before the actual campaign began.


Useful hints have been obtained from the notes which Lieut. The Abyssinian expedition of is a typical example of a campaign to avenge a wrong; it was undertaken to compel the release of prisoners seized by King Theodore.

When wxrs the last Afghan war Sir D. The enemy, however little he may understand the fighting system of the regular troops, or appreciate the value of their weapons, or grasp what they are aiming at.

The expeditionary force under Sir N. The crushing of an insurrectionary movement or the settlement of a conquered country, are undertakings so distinct from enterprises entered upon to overawe a semi-civilized state, that what may present itself as the obvious objective under the former set of circumstances may smal non-existent in the latter.

Chamberlain found himself obliged to halt in the defile. Examples of troops being benighted Their Principles and Practice. Colonial war, Callwell repeatedly argued, had to be proactive: But its capture by no. In the Red Indian campaigns the great difficulty was generally to find the camps of these nomad marauders, who travelled huge distances in a few hours after one of their devastating forays.

The inaction of the British force tended to encourage the enemy.

Charles Edward Callwell

The force lost its way, lost time, and lost heart, and when at last the Mahdists attacked it, the troops, worn out and despairing, made no fight of it, and were annihilated.

The standard of honour varies greatly among different uncivilized or semi-civilized races; but it is not by any means the ease that those lowest in the human scale are the least to be trusted.

Accept the consequences ex: But the conditions of small wars are so diversified, the enemy’s mode of fighting is often so peculiar, and the theatres of operations present such singular features, that irregular warfare must generally wqrs carried out on a method totally different from the stereotyped system.