Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth Chris Ware pp, Jonathan Cape, £ What kind of man walks out on his own child? Weak?. Jimmy Corrigan, the protagonist of cartoonist Chris Ware’s epic monument to communication breakdown and the mundane surrealism of. Ware’s graphically inventive, wonderfully realized novel-in-comics follows the sad fortunes of four generations of phlegmatic, defeated men while touching on.

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Daddy, I hardly knew you

He can be unthinking and dull, but who can’t? This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Since Joyce, with whatever irony, founded the New Bloomusalem? The bloodiest, the most beautiful, the cris vulnerable imaginings, and the disintegration of wishes as we make them.

It quietly captures how we edit our life time, moment by moment, on the fly, calling on memories, fears, visions, prophesies, to help us assimilate the conditions of our present wade.

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth

It really has to be read and not explained, because I think that the taglines thrown on this book make it seem like any run of the mill “post-modern angst” book. It turns out the father had re-married, and the story of that family is A friend, a physicist actually, recommended this to me after I rolled my eyes at superhero comic books. Let us accept for a moment the perhaps dubious psychoanalytic postulate that when men such as Moore and Ware pursue the kind of rigid formal closure that Watchmen and Jimmy Corrigan achieve, a wwre of the feminine, construed in the masculine imagination as flesh and disorder, is operating.


He still calls his mother every day. The art gets six stars, but the content deserves less than zero stars. Che cosa significa essere padri?

Not only does she fail to understand his juvenile attempts at flight: This one is said to “elevate the medium” to another level and it kinda sorta does: After an ill-timed phone call, Jimmy agrees to meet his father without telling his mother.

The unreadable thing about this book is its subject matter, which is the life of a miserable loner with a bullying father examined in very great painful detail. Ware reminds us of this reading practice at every step eatth the corrigzn.

But James’s face never changes; neither does the reader’s interest peak or descend. Ware, wanting to annul himself, trusts himself too little to jinmy us such a vision. While it is much easier to write and even understand how an uncontrollable past can harm from afar, the truth–once one can grasp it–is that upon comprehending this, one can feel empathy and perhaps forgiveness and move on.

The afterward is also amazing, making it clear that this work is eartg attempt to move beyond the alt comics he had been doing to venture into semi-autobiographical fiction touching on issues regarding his absent father, who after decades, finally met with him. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Jimmy and his mother are treated to fine dining at what appears to be a roadside truck stop.

This is a book about the 90s. Instead of exploring the green and corgigan planet on the first page, it appears the hero is confined to a slowly digressing, mundane, urban world.


Faulkner was not performing a pastiche of Shakespeare or Melville; he was writing as best he could in their tradition about his time and place. He’s grouchy, insensitive, vaguely racist.

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth – Wikipedia

Paperbackpages. It took me a while to get round to it, and I’m thankful for that; I am sure that had I started reading graphic novels again with this, instead of in the places I did, I would not have continued on and discovered books like Charles Burns’ Black Hole and Jeff Smith’s Bone, which actually deserve all the praise– and more– heaped upon Jimmy Corrigan.

Imagine life eclipsed by imagination. A parallel story set in the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition of shows Jimmy’s grandfather as a lonely little boy and his difficult relationship with an abusive father, Jimmy’s great grandfather. Neither would surprise me at all. A small down-turned line on a face takes on greater significance as an emotional marker. He is the novel’s Everyman. Corrigan began as a child genius character in Ware’s early work, but as Ware continued, the child genius strips appeared less frequently, and increasingly followed Corrigan’s sad, adult existence.

Jimmy Corrigan has been lauded by critics.