Learn about the active and inactive ports, connection diagrams, and other specifications of the Cisco Explorer HDC high definition receiver. Cisco HDC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco HDC Installation Reference Manual. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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By the way, for others reading this wondering about upgrading their older box, I would highly recommend it if you have the opportunity.

I can if needed use the Ethernet port or the USB port in the front. This seems like a step backward in technology. I connected the ethernet port on my cable box to a linksys switch and Ciscl was able to obtain link. Pulling the power supply out of the box TW and the other providers can have the customer to a power supply swap at their store rather than sending out a tech or doing a box swap.

This defeats the elegance of a single HDMI cable which is unfortunate.

Hey Sam I was able to figure it out. TWC sent it to replace my old Scientific Atlanta box that was having a myriad of problems. During this cable box failure, over a hr time periodthe DVR also said it was still recording a one hr show that had actually ended more than an hour prior — odd.

I have Cox cable. After rebooting, everything ran slow meaning when I changed a channel it took almost a minute to change, when I hit the list to view what was recorded it took many more minutes.


Users manual for Explorer HDC DVR – Cisco Community

Is there some option Cissco inadvertently turned off or on to cause the fast forward behavior to suddenly change or is the box just not working properly? I have had this box for just under two months. Yes, there is an IR sensor on the front of the receiver. Found this and am amazed at wealth of information herein. It is very loud any very annoying. Technician said they are sensitive to the signal they receive and the booster caused the issue.

Each box that returns from the filed needs to be screened, cleaned and tested before being redeployed which for TW is an expensive and manual process.

We have the box in our bedroom and it is too bright. What do you think I can do? Unfortunately I have no idea what any of this means.

This new guide might cause readability issues. The boxes are always blamed and you just loose what you have recorded if replaced. I have a new hdc and started having trouble in the first week. Does it look like this on both ends? However, for the past two and a half weeks it will randomly exhibit this behavior.

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco 8742HDC Cable Box

I have seen issues with boxes and specifically Vizio tvs but includes some other models of tvs. Reports some channels are not available.

During the secstion I had a changes to see the first page of the Ocap 1. Can I DVR a movie then download it to an external hard drive?

What other options do I have? I may be old, but the blue color is not as visible to me as a light green. Thanks Sam for this pretty comprehensive look at the It would be very helpful to us.


At least in this one way, we were better off in the old VCR days. The behavior occurs regardless if watching recorded media or live. To enable or disable sleep mode press the settings button on the remote and access the timers tab.

Cisco 8742HDC Manuals

When watching something I recorded and two programs begin recording, playback stops, goes to a black screen, then changes the channel to the 2nd program being recorded. Is there an alternative method?

On the old cable box I had the same problem BUT the old box had not only a fiber optic cable for sound but a digital coax cable RCA type jack so I was able to run fiber from TV to Bose and then run the digital coax cable from Bose to back of cable box. I know how to turn the display off always, but we like having the time cksco. Of note, this lately was not the case with my swapped-out samsung.

The box gets sluggish in responding 8742hdx command. I have not been able to make the remote change the TV input source this worked on my old remote with SA box. I suspect the box needs to go thru some initial setup where HD 8742hd are set for using with the TV but I havent found any doc on being able to do this.