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Kind code of ref document: Figure 14A represents a contrario what would happen in the absence of such a flexible washer.

This energy can be for example pneumatic, hydraulic or pyrotechnic following uses. Bonne chance dans votre recherche. Technological solutions to minimize the offset to lead to satisfactory test results.

However, it appeared that these mechanisms are unable by themselves to precisely control the amplitude and direction of the ejection speed, especially given the failure to take account of manufacturing tolerances of the components of mechanisms ejection and the object mounting tolerances on its support.

Mechanism according to any one of claims barycwntre to 11 characterised in that the front annular end portion 24A of the receptacle comprises an externally screwthreaded portion 30 cooperating with an internal screwthread 31 at the mouth of the recess in the object.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 10 characterised in that it further comprises a spring member 22, 22′ compressed axially between a termonale 21 on baryfentre interior of the receptacle and a bearing surface at the base of the ejector rod to stress the fragile coupling in tension.

Device for the temporal mechanical assembly and for its fast separation of an ejecting object attached to a support.

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To achieve the aforementioned result, the invention teaches to forward thrust closest to the object’s center barycwntre gravity to eject through a push pin in practice longer than the known ejection pistons.

In Figure 1, which corresponds to an embodiment preferred by the invention, the axial distance over which the centering zone 6 surrounding with small clearance the guide sleeve coues is very short, of the order of a few percent of tegminale depth L of the housing which is here the distance axially cous the zones 5 and 6.


However, it appeared preferable to choose one as small as possible e. Indeed, if the tracking accuracy of the ejection rod in the sleeve 3 ‘is not perfect, and if during its movement the ejector pin and comes to have any transverse movement due e. Dans quel sens faut-il entendre la phrase? Ref legal event code: In addition, during the ejection phase, the ejected object must not vibrate in bending. In fact, it will be understood that in practice the thrust force is applied here not on the spur itself but by the shoulder 51 which borders corresponding to the 14A reference to Figure 4.

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It is possible to quantify the transverse disturbances linear speed and rotation according to the guidance. The calculation is quite representative in the case of very short centering.

The stroke of this rod is delimited by that annular bearing surface 21 ‘and a shoulder 34’ of the sleeve, the base of the ejector rod having a larger diameter than the rest of the stem. Any eccentricity of the axis of thrust relative to the longitudinal axis of the ejector piston which in practice is aligned as far as possible the center of gravity of the object in question results in a moment on the piston ejector, not switch as a result of the time and cause a transverse velocity of the object, should have a high stiffness and a bargcentre accuracy of its baryccentre.

Note that, referring for example to Figure 9, the moment of inertia of the pair of tongues 41 and 42 is greater along the axis WW the moment of inertia of these tongues along the axis VV following which they are aligned.

It must meet a cougs positioning accuracy on between these two parts combined with a simple link ensuring reliable operation and implementation. Figures 16 and 17 show theoretically possible modeling of the behavior of the object during ejection. The receptacle 11 is intended to be fixed to the support B, by any suitable means, for example a flange 16 shown schematically in Figures 3 and 4 provided with holes 17 adapted for the passage of fixing bolts.


Country of ref document: Mechanism according to claim 7 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same radial dimension and the tangs 41, 42 of one pair have a smaller radial dimension than the tangs 43, 44 of the other pair. Je viens de survoler l’article sur Usain Boltet quelque chose m’intrigue. Device for temporary mechanical attachment of an object to a support and rapid ejection of the object from the support.

M 2éme année

barycentrr Au prix de l’or, je trouve un peu stupide qu’il finisse dans les toilettes, pour quelque raison que ce soit. Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 18 characterised in that the recess 4, 4′, 14 lies along a longitudinal axis of geometrical symmetry of the object. C’est comme une indigestion. Games assembly, in that the sleeve 3 ‘continues to provide an optimum centering of the object during movement of said cap causes a considerable speed of tilting of said object.

However, most preferably, to ensure that the rupture of the frangible connection not induce any spurious time on the object, is chosen to give one of garycentre pairs of tongues, for example the tongues 41 and 42 the most near the threaded cour, a radial dimension is smaller than for the tongues of the other pair y ‘: Que cherche t on dans l’alcool ou dans d’autres drogues? This pin must of course be spaced radially by any appropriate known means, prior to the ejection of the object A.

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The exterior of the ejected object should not undergo aggression during ejection. In the example shown, the center of gravity G of the object is shown axially offset with respect to tsrminale center of the rectangle by which the object has been diagrammatically A: From the beginning of the movement, the object leaves its low centering so barjcentre the only interface is support and centering at its center of gravity.

Pour la raison que j’ai dite: