Special Process: Plating System Assessment. Product Code: CQI Pricing This manual includes a downloadable assessment with forms to complete the. Recently our company was asked when we will implement the CQI Plating System Assessment Program. Before we can do anything we must find out what it . The goal of the assessment is the development of a plating management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the.

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This matrix shall be readily available to management at all times.

This individual shall be a full-time employee and the position shall be reflected in the organization chart. The job audit of one part, one plating process, is not sufficient to use as a basis to complete the other sections of the complete PSA. Appearance Decorative Test Method: The Quality Steering Committee would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals and their companies who have contributed time and effort to the development of this document.

Date of Re-assessment if necessary: All reprocessing pltaing shall require a new processing control sheet issued by qualified technical personnel assess,ent the necessary plating modifications.


The facility may have several buildings or physical locations in the same general area.

CQI-11 Plating System Assessment

Concerns shall be addressed in a timely manner. Process and Test Equipment 2. Computer monitoring equipment with alarms and alarm logs satisfy the verification requirement. Box numbers may be given as additional information.

Plating System Assessments (CQI-11)

The FMEA shall be written for each part or part family or they may be process-specific and written for each platibg. Test frequency or quantity: The customer may have additional requirements, e.

Plate Thickness Test Method: Procedures shall be adequate to prevent movement of non-conforming product into the production system. The corrective action s shall be completed within 90 days.

The codeposition of two or more metallic elements on a substrate. Click a date to register.

A form of hydrogen embrittlement that may be induced in some metals by acid treatment. Job Audit Process Requirement Tables. Training shall be documented.

CQI | Plating System Assessments

Number of Plating Employees at this Facility: One form shall be used for each facility. Assessor shall possess knowledge of and be familiar with the application of automotive quality core tools including statistical process control, measurement systems analysis, ppating approval, failure mode and effects analysis, and advanced quality planning. Register by fax In any case, they shall address all process steps from part receipt to part shipment and identify all equipment used and all key plating process parameters as defined by the assessnent.


These plating requirements are complementary to customer and product standards. Process Monitor Frequencies 4. Number of “Fail” Findings in the Job Audit s: Plater shall have a list of alarms relevant to process. Also called reverse-current cleaning. Documented evidence shall be maintained showing Is management providing the employees trained and the evidence shall include employee training for plating?

Refer to Process Tables. The program shall be a closed-loop process that tracks maintenance efforts from request to completion to assessment of effectiveness.

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