Welding System Assessment (CQI). Related Courses: Understanding the Heat Treat, Soldering and Welding Special Process System Assessments. Program. This one day seminar will give an overview of CQI, Special Process: Welding System Assessment, which, along with internationally recognized quality. Documents Similar To CQI Welding System Assessment. VDA Minimizing Risks in the Supply Chain. Uploaded by. Sergio Boillos. AIAG Cqi 14 Warranty Key.

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Process Controls and Confirmation 6. Address each Not Satisfactory item and determine corrective action, including root cause analysis and implementation of the corresponding corrective action s.

CQI | Welding System Assessments

All team members involved in the welding management system would benefit from this seminar. System Assessment, applies see CQI, 1. Criteria for operation More information. The organization shall show assessmemt of program effectiveness. The process shall describe product characteristics for which reprocessing is allowed as well as those characteristics for which reprocessing is not permissible. A housekeeping policy shall be clearly defined and executed.

Page 1 Company Name: Verify the Exclusions is applicable and justified How are the processes in More information. Management shall review the weld process control systems.

A minimum of one job audit Section 6 shall be performed during each assessment. Arc Spot welding applicactions only.

They shall address all process steps from part receipt to part shipment and identify all equipment used and all essential welding process parameters as defined by the relevant individual process tables or non-essential Are welding process control as agreed upon between supplier and customer.


Methods of analysis shall include ongoing trend or historical data analysis of product or process parameters. The phone number of the facility. Set-up verification to the procedures as example: Similar parts can be grouped into part families for this effort as defined by the organization.

List the name stitle sphone number sand email address esif available, of the principal participants from the weld organization.

Assessor shall possess welding knowledge. Documented processes and evidence of compliance shall exist, e. Procedures shall be adequate to prevent Are procedures adequate to movement of non-conforming product into the production prevent movement of non- system. Special Characteristics — are product characteristics or manufacturing process parameters which can affect safety or compliance with regulations, fit, function, performance or subsequent processing of product.

Capability study techniques shall include boundary sample conditions wwlding defined by the control plan that are robust and meet all customer requirements. Containers handling customer product weding be free of inappropriate material and contaminants. The existence of an AIAG publication does not in any respect preclude anyone from manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, or using products, processes, or procedures not conforming to the publication.

Example thin part to thick part or assessmeng hardnesses.

Is there documented evidence that reaction plans are followed? Provide course at my site. Current Quality Certification s Date of Re-assessment if necessary: NIA requires immediate containment of suspect product. The organization and customer shall define what constitutes a major process change.


This process refers to receiving and shipping the parts in and out of the welding department. Date of Re-assessment if necessary: These records shall be readily available for review by any customer requiring compliance to the requirements within this document.

Degreed Welding Engineer, or equivalent science degree, Certified Welding Inspector from approved internationally recognized body, or person agreed upon between customer and supplier. Concerns shall be addressed weldinb a timely manner. Management shall review the weld process control systems.

A job description shall exist identifying the qualifications for the position including metallurgical and welding knowledge.

The process shall describe product characteristics for which xystem is allowed as well Is there a system in place to as those characteristics for which reprocessing is not authorize reprocessing and permissible. Have the necessary replacement parts and process consumables been identified and made readily available?

CQI-15. Special Process: Welding System Assessment

The WSA, coupled with an internationally recognized quality management system and applicable customer-specific requirements, defines the fundamental requirements for welding management systems. Evidence shall exist showing disposition and sysstem of affected product. Current Quality Certification s Date of Re-assessment if necessary: