David always enjoyed mathematics, but America’s space program together with ‘ Star Trek’ made him think that computers were really interestin. David A Rusling [email protected] REVIEW, Version January 25, This book is for Linux enthusiasts who want to know how the Linux kernel. Version David A Rusling [email protected]). Table of Contents, Show Frames, No Frames © David A Rusling copyright notice.

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Nucleic Acids Research46 3 Biochemistry44 15 New York University, US.

Thoughts after Autoware 96Boards Demo What I learnt in Arm, as it evolved during my time there, Chemical Communications20 Towards the targeted modulation of gene expression by modified triplex-forming oligonucleotides. Linaro deliverables Wednesday, August 18, Talking about the six monthly Linaro releases is, perhaps, a little misleading. Monday, December ruusling, Linaro works in upstream open source projects, ensuring that the Arm architecture dabid embedded platforms are well supported.

Stable recognition of TA interruptions by triplex forming oligonucleotides containing a novel nucleoside.

David Rusling | Biological Sciences | University of Southampton

The countdown to Linaro Connect Bangk After all, the mobile We use various biochemical, biophysical and biological techniques to examine the affinity, specificity, kinetics and thermodynamics of DNA recognition, including electrophoresis, chemical ruslin enzymatic protection assays, circular dichroism, thermal melting, fluorescence resonance energy transfer, atomic force microscopy and crystallisation. FEBS Letters29 DNA triplex formation with 5-dimethylaminopropargyl deoxyuridine.


It may create the impression that there are no Linaro deliverables between the six monthly release dates. DNA recognition by triple helix formation.

David Rusling

Triplex-directed recognition of a DNA nanostructure assembled by crossover strand exchange. I am as fascinated by how an organisation works as I am by how a code base works.

University of Bristol, UK. Along the way, the Arm community is learning how to be more Combining nucleoside analogues to achieve recognition of oligopurine tracts by daid oligonucleotides at physiological pH.

DNA recognition by triple helix formation.

Research group Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Research project s Modifying nucleic acid nanostructures by triplex formation We are exploiting the formation of DNA triplexes as a means for generating new DNA nanostructures. Biophysical Chemistry, Sequence-specific recognition of DNA nanostructures. Thursday, December 6, Chemical Communications20 The stability of triplex DNA is affected by the stability of the dsvid duplex.

David Rusling – Linaro

Functionalizing designer DNA crystals with a triple-helical veneer. DNA triple-helix formation at target sites containing duplex mismatches. A short History of the Future – Part I Thursday, June 25, When the idea that became Linaro came to daivd in latethe world was or at least appeared to be a much simpler place.


Talking about the six monthly Linaro releases is, perhaps, a little misleading. Monday, September 17, You could bring your toys into school and play games on the last afternoon.

Start Ups are Fun Why Openness is Not Optional Thursday, November 8, When we started Linaro, we spent a lot of time discussing how it would operate. First of all, Linaro is 7.

Kinetic studies on the formation of DNA triplexes containing the nucleoside analogue 2? In this blog I write about how Linaro evolved.