UNOFFICIAL DEGEN DE MANUAL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DEGENusan. ITIENTIFIED ARTISTI. DE FLANDET/PE. MEER. EERS. 早年 的世r口国. Download DEGEN DE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. addition, I received many letters from DE users with their comments and .. The receiver manual states that the nominal charging current is mA.

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Typically, the Sweeper responds to signal levels above 20 mwnual in the MHz range, increasing to microvolts at 1 GHz, and 40 millivolts at the top end 2. The backlight can be extinguished to extend battery life during high ambient lighting conditions.

A convenient although hard to openhinged, tilt bracket is recessed in the back, allowing desk-top placement at a comfortable viewing angle.

Yet another selection can reverse the contrast from blue on white normal to white on blue. The SW coverage of the semi-analog face is kHz: When running on AC power, with the light switch on, the lights are always on. I thought it was clever, but apparently Sony experimented with a similar thing several years ago ICF SW40 without success. The whip is fairly thick and heavy duty and the whole unit is solid.

While I was reading up on this radio which appeared to fulfill my wish list, I noticed it was being sold on eBay for a low price. Manhal Quality I was impressed with the feel of the cabinet, aluminum front, and controls of the Scanners can slowly sweep and memorize search-discovered frequencies for later manial and monitoring, but have no wide-span spectrum display. Detailed specs of the and Degen line can be found at: Overall, the IF selector works like a charm, and is usually only necessary to separate stations which are 5 kHz apart.

The 64 x LCD is backlit for night viewing, and is strongly visible in direct sunlight as well. And, with the radio charging, pushing CHG changes the clock to the number of charging hours left.


Page of 15 Go. The sweep circuitry of the X Sweeper does emit RF noise into its immediate environment; while using df1103 in my car I was unable to listen to weak and manhal FM signals on my car radio. The dealer I bought the radio from says Degen claims to have ironed out the shuttle fault and improved SW sensitivity already extremely sensitive in their recent batches of s. If there were fair signals on andthey would be listenable with the narrow IF, though perhaps not on andbut Radio Thailand is extremely strong in my area.

I always use the wire indoors, though just about all stations come in using the whip. Tuning with the knob is smooth, probably as close to an analog feel dr1103 they could get it, with no muting. A more serious assignment to sweep a professional office for a suspected listening device made the X Sweeper a logical choice.

DEGEN DE1103 Operation Manual

Turn jog dial wheel to adjust minutes. Press any button to maunal auto scan tuning. The Jog Dial Probably the main thing to keep in mind when approaching this radio is to recognize the jog dial as the multi-purpose control it is. Its VDC power jack makes ve1103 a natural for long-duration mobile operation, identifying nearby signals as they are approached or passed.

Availability I bought my from eBay seller Liypn, a gentleman in Hong Kong who, unlike some of the other sellers, offers a one year warranty on the radio. This is an inconvenient setup when fumbling in the darkness at the bedside to enter a memory or frequency, where the traditional telephone-pad layout can be operated by touch.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Nothing beats the analog feel for bandscanning, but I still wanted a radio with digital precision for DXing.

As you can see, deciding how to set manial use your memories can be a confusing business. The Buttons The direct-entry digit buttons are in one row,beneath the dial face.

Tuning Into A Station 3. Sensitivity The has a very low internal noise floor, so that weak stations inaudible on a noisier radio will appear on the At night on MW, a station is audible almost every 10 kHz with just the internal antenna.


Plugging in the included 35 foot wire and stringing it indoors gives a further boost. Now a prominent, American test-equipment manufacturer has released a faster device at lower cost. Everything works well, from the sleep timer and alarms to the tuning knob and SSB fine tuning. Tuning up 49 meters, there are no traces of the spurious signals of RT or gospel stations in the background, as there are on single conversion units.

Downloads – Radio RECEIVERS – Degen DE User Manual

But when a band is quiet, some chirping can be heard with each 1 kHz step. In power off mode, hold down buttonin the meantime Please select high-quality rechargeable batteries. Underneath the direct entry buttons are seven more buttons: Once you fine tune a SSB signal, usually no further adjustment is necessary.

The signal-strength bar graph with its digital level readings is useful for antenna adjustments, bug detection, interference locating, signal-distance estimating and, with a directional antenna, hidden-transmitter hunting.

DEGEN DE User`s manual |

But this is the price for having the semi-analog dial face where a standard keypad would normally be. See October Monitoring Times for my comparison of these two sets. The lights stay on for 15 seconds after the last turn of the dial or press of a button. Still, the buttons are small, and your hand has to move around to find them, where the usual keypad format requires almost no movement and provides easy counting.

With the De103 switch set to wide, I found the bleed-over ceased about 15 kHz up or down, at and Selectivity Selectivity is excellent on all bands.

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