you MUST include new or even latest Linux firmware package . in it – you can follow our other howto – How to install the latest linux kernel (mainline) in Ubuntu () distro It is for Ubuntu 17, . drwxr-xr-x 27 root root Sep 3 samples -rw-r–r– 1 root root Sep 3 MAINTAINERS. – -[GitHub account]: -[Fork]: ARM platforms have been updated to support the new loading mechanism. .. The Linux kernel version referred to in the user guide has DVFS and HMP – support enabled. xxFEFDC86A – x 0xEDEDC – x Linux Network Administrator’s Guide, 3rd Edition Graham is hopeless at networking – he just .. Andrew Morton Top kernel maintainer talks exclusively about the latest SUSE OSS Brand new, easy to install and packed with software. Asgard Shuttle X27 We revisit North mythology to discover whether expensive.

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That reminds me of what I’ve read in the Debian changelogs. I am already running Easy Debian from one of the dedicated 7GB partitions, and so far so good! If you can provide a patched version, I can share the image with updated glibc library after that. I hope this won’t be a problem.

I’ve built images with jwm and e17 just for testing, so that’s not much of a problem. I unpacked the image file to an ext4 partition on my SD card – in this configuration the performance is excellent.

Easy Debian Fremantle Beta Testing [Archive] – Page 13 – – Talk

No such file or directoryIf the latter is a directory in the image it really isn’t there once the chroot is running when it is a directory. But according to the ffmpeg wiki [1] and some playing with options on my side this should produce a more or less acceptable fullscreen video without sound of your N screen: On first tought I decided the site is flash based, but maybe I am wrong. After this operation, Please note that although this image is based on one of my images, it was not created by me, and I never had a look at it.


USB Mass Storage device detected [ I discovered it hard way, long time ago, while “hunting” with Maemo’s powertop for a elusive beast that was consuming my battery power.

And here is one of the most important dependency, which is not explicitly included or even mentioned in most of the tutorials for building your own kernels —.

Seems I am asking quastions with unclear meaning. I’m going to fix that with my next image, but I need a free weekend for that not the next one. Kernels always have “just worked” for me. So I assume the image is up there somewhere, but I don’t have a link to present.

Which release of ED have Iceweasel with working Flash? Thanks a lot for mirroring the image! The N continues to use the wi-fi or 3G connection for all other network access.

So if somebody else has any pointers pun intended I’d be happy to assist in tracking the problem down as good as I can.

Maybe it’ll be a fix My Jessie image from here [1]. This is a fantastic program which adds even more value to the great N Do I need to remove the mounting of the img file? Not sure about the logic guode in this, but something just changed.

Build your own kernel under Ubuntu using mainline (latest) kernel

I guess that “someone” was me? The first one says something about module-udev-detect, the second about module-console-kit. Your email address will not be published. Modifying the source 3. I decided to lzma compress it like the other images on my site, and add an md5sum file. Commnting out exit 1 is my “fix”. Would installing the flash plugin that we know and love from Maemo work in Iceweasel if we installed it in ED?


The nice and ionice commands are to avoid the install maintainegs/x27 from taking too many resources, making the N unresponsive, and causing the watchdog to reboot.

Guidd you have an image running you can create new patched glibc packages on the N if the watchdog doesn’t kill it. In case you haven’t personalized your updated image with too much sensible data, it might be a good idea to upload it somewhere. Now maingainers/x27 is complaining about libsysd-login0 contains empty filename though. This is based again on some googling results, mostly one explanation of possible cause of ” Attached scsi generic sg1 type 0 [ So we have to specify the UID explicitly.

Also I’d like to see guids output of mount from Maemo.

Think of it as an external hard disk. Gentoo updating perl with many masked and blocked packages. Building the package 6. How much time it has to do it?

This device cannot do calls on its own. Please define what you want to check! Cross-compiling for armel on an x86 machine should be the fastest from previous experiments with compiling eglibc in amd64 I’d expect it to take an hour on my Desktop-PC if you know how too do that. LXDE stopped supporting debbian. What is the latest We’re lucky to have one Jessie image from Sulu that has some ddebian but at least works. Updating the package 8. It seems qole is on vacation or something.