Download scientific diagram | Figura No. 4 Derivaciones Bipolares from publication: Unidad Modular de Electrocardiografía de 12 derivaciones | Actividades. Download scientific diagram | Figura B Ejes de las derivaciones bipolares. from publication: Extracción de parámetros de ECG en tiempo real basados en. El registro se ha analizado a partir de derivaciones bipolares longitudinales y transversales y se ha trabajado con una sensibilidad de 1 mm.

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derivaciones bipolares

Post Your ideas for ProZ. Medicine I am fine but not the technical side of EEG machines, etc. None of those are available for public disclosure. However, doing a search of [eeg “bipolar lead”] and [eeg “bipolar derivation”] results in very different numbers, though both are still too low to give too much credence to.

Primera de las entregas sobre las derivaciones del electrocardiograma.

Se utilizan 2 tipos de montajes: Bpolares can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. This is an EEG report and the context is: My interface is displaying the “does not fit criteria” message. Las derivaciones de los miembros son: Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

My gut feeling is that it’s the first. Login to enter a peer comment or grade. I just wanted to suggest that “derivations” is not a false cognate but a term in use in the field, at least in theoretical writing, if not or at least not so much in clinical practice.


Digamos que es la opuesta a II. Me gustaria saber el lado correcto de las pegatinas para los electros de posteriores y derechas cual es su posocion y cables para poner.

Me paerece muy reconmedable esta pagina. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree.

Derivaciones electrocardiográficas – Ecografía Cardiaca

This is actually not a great start, because they contradict each other. After what he’s said I would be quite derivacjones to settle for “bipolar leads” if it were my translation. Google Books are easily searchable.

That’s because poorly translated documents end up getting published. As I said I am no expert on technicalities, but could it perhaps be referring to bipolarity of the brain?

There are plenty of authoritative, non-translated texts by EN-speaking EEG specialists that refer to bipolar derivations and clearly mean the same thing as derivaciones bipolares. All you have to do is put the search term in the box in the left-hand column marked “Search in this book” and press “Go”, and the results come up with the term highlighted. If “derivations” is correct, would you consider it as referring to the wires?

Neil and Eileen Automatic update in You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them. My comment regards the fact that some of our colleagues specialising in medicine appear to resent me “dabbling” in what they obviously consider a closed shop.


It bears no relation to the real number.

Las derivaciones del electrocardiograma (I) – Urgencias y Emergencias

I’m still miffed at the perceived slight not the first, either. Recently one posted what I considered a clone of my own suggestion, without acknowledging my effort.

Web de Interes Sanitario. The references I was able to find for “derivation” were primarily from translated documents and pre-clinical research.

The correct term is “leads”, not “derivations”. Dr Fisch’s document isn’t it’s a scan ; “Bipolar derivation” is defined at the top of p. My experience of EEG could be recorded on a postage stamp with room to spare.

Ferivaciones y V2 exploran la zona septal. Notes to answerer Asker: I’m only referring to bipolarrs these things are charted in a medical file, something that is very underrepresented in a Google search because of strict privacy laws pretty much everywhere.

Unfornately I haven’t got time at the moment to find out.