Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo sin Dios con esta antología, la primera en su género, de las voces más influyentes, de. Una provocadora visita guiada al pensamiento ateo y agnóstico a través de los siglos. Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo .

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Paperbackpages. Can Kuhn fail to realize that next time it will be his turn? With that said, however, there are pieces contained within that each of us could glean at cristopher a fraction of wisdom, if not enjoyment, from. You can sense passionate thinking as the background of his writing.

I already feel like I have forgotten so much of it that I want to start over again. Searching for Spirituality Without Religion.

Dios no existe

Hence, they all tended to write in the classical, rennaissance, kind of way with flowering insults and a foreign sarcasm. Books by Dawkins and Harris will be excellent companions to this and the author’s other publications. Although there are some leavening humourous pieces Michael Shermerthe book leans towards a scholarly tone.

I found it easier to get into some than others skipped past some but some lovely stuff. Open Preview See a Problem?


Quotes from Dios no existe. Trivia About The Portable Athe See 1 question about Dios no existe….

Hitchens helps fill in the rational content needed for a decent opposition, and the book is a grand collection of wonderful papers on the topic. Si es un christopyer que apenas comienza a leer le recomiendo empezar con este libro.

A handy compilation of many critical thinkers in single volume. The book is not just for the unbeliever it is very much for the questioning believer, if such a person exists. Some essays are very long while others way dioz short. So many gods so little reason.

I h I’d been avoiding reading this as I didn’t want to hear him whingeing on about how oppressed he feels as an atheist or whatever, but I was pleasantly surprised that you don’t hear much from him beyond the introduction.

Don’t let the title mislead you, this page paperback is “portable” only in the sense that this anthology is compacted with an abundance of informative content.

I’ve been so overwhelmed and excited to realize that many literary giants were also nonbelievers, and backed their beliefs with firm, impeccably logical, startlingly rational, highly intelligent, iron-clad arguments for their mindset.

You are guaranteed to learn something new and fascinating. He takes the idea of miracles to task. Kuhn is out of his senses.


This is the disease of curiosity. Leibniz, by the way, also has some solutions to the free will and theodicy problem to offer.

Dios no existe by Christopher Hitchens (5 star ratings)

Why can He not reveal himself to the masses exxiste the final game of the World Cup This collection offers dozens of arguments against the existence of a deity, but it is also a book about the evolution of unbelief in Western culture.

I recommend it wholeheartedly. October 19 – November 2, View or edit your browsing history. The essays are uneven.


One of the main draws of essays of the kind found chriwtopher this anthology is that there is nothing new about the arguments against superstition, tribalism, and religious fervour Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

If I would have studied them more I’m sure I would find the wisdom in every essay. Amazon Web Services Goodreads Shopbop.