KSNM direct paddy seeder is a manual seeder used for sowing germinated seed in wetland fields. It helps farmers to seed more efficiently and has plastic. An area of 1 hectare can be sown in a day Planting Paddy with Direct Paddy Seeder: KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder is an efficient and inexpensive implement for. KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder is an efficient and inexpensive implement for row sowing of pre-germinated paddy seed in wet land field. This is a manually pulled .

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KSNM direct paddy seeder is a manual seeder used for sowing germinated seed in wetland fields. It helps farmers to seed more efficiently and has plastic wheels that allow the seeder to float on the water.

Asia, Africa and India. Aims to increase production of crops. Users can obtain paddy seeder from: The seed drums are designed in hyperboloid shape with a mm diameter. There are 4 seed drums with a total of 8 rows.

Each seed drum contains 2 rows.


There are 8 holes each having a diameter of 9mm. In order to ensure uniform seed rate during operation as well as to ensure hill dropping of the seeds, baffles are provided inside the seed drum. Ditect performance of the product was tested at three different speeds and at three different quantity levels of the drum. The following table shows the results of the test. KSNM offers a variety of complimentary agricultural equipment and machinery.


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DIRECT PADDY SEEDER – Rice Drum Seeder Manufacturer from Coimbatore

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KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder

Distribution to date Number of units that have been deployed, downloads or users to date. Fields marked are sourced values that have been evaluated by the manufacturer or a third party, all others are design specifications.

Power rating W, if applicable. Seed rates are measured in 3 conditions of level of drums filled: Power source manual, motorized or both.


Design specifications Component and Operation overview including power, portability, facility requirements, preventative maintenance and user training requirements. The diameter of the ground wheel is mm.

The weight of the product is 10 kg. Product schematics Design and assembly illustrations.


Technical support Technical support provided by. Replacement components Availability of replacement components in-country, by order, Lifecycle Disposal and warranty. Seed rate Effective field capacity Theoretical field capacity Field efficiency. Vetted performance Findings of manufacturer evaluations or independent testing centers.

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