Edward Rutherfurd is a pen name for Francis Edward Wintle (born in Salisbury, England). Rutherfurd settled near Dublin, Ireland in the early s, but currently divides his time between Europe and North America. New York: The . The Princes of Ireland has ratings and reviews. Jaline said: From Edward Rutherfurd’s website:Q. You have said in interviews in the past that. The Princes of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #1) and The Rebels of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #2).

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It’s a pleasure to listen to John Keating as he narrates the complex story line and creates believable voices for the many characters Rutherford weaves together in this tapestry of Irish history. The stage is then set for the great conflict between the English kings and the princes of Ireland, and the disastrous Irish invasion of England, which incurred the wrath of Henry VIII and where this book, the first of the two part Dublin Saga, draws edwadd a close, as the path of Irish history takes a dramatic and irrevocable turn.

What do you mean by that? Aug djblin, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: After a haunting prologue set at the timeless prehistoric site of Newgrange on the River Boyne, the narrative begins with the tragic story of Conall and Deirdre the green-eyed girl – part romance, part political thriller, part horror story – at the time of the pagan High Kings of Tarathe druid priests and the coming of Saint Patrick. I had a problem defining the date of the Edward Talbot affair. Things aren’t simple for Deirdre though as she is in love with someone whom she isn’t betrothed to.

I personally enjoyed it, while recognizing it probably is not Rutherford’s best work. Disaster ensues and as the years pass we watch the Irish people take on various transformations with one being the start of Christianity and the arrival of St. The story starts in mythic Ireland, covering a tale I’d become somewhat familiar with: Jun 26, Janice Palko rated it really liked it Shelves: Rutherfurd’s tales of Dublin are all part of my childhood stories.


I wantex to duboin this book so much! Other books in the series. I had forgotten, or quite possibly supressed, the fact that in early Ireland the Irish had English slaves, not the other way round. Jun 10, Paul Clayton dublij it it was amazing. I didn’t think I’d want to pick up the book again, not later, not no how. The Princes of Ireland: The use of recurring themes, the character continuity across generations and the use of literary devices such as a drinking skulll passed through one of of the families is done reasonably well.

I think it does matter.

The Dublin Saga

Oct 07, Annette rated it it was amazing Shelves: Atrocious saga that never allows the reader opportunity to connect with any of the dutherfurd before leaping another century to yet another boring epoque, in which the truly adventurous, exciting bits are merely dryly narrated as a history text. I will definitely read the sequel. Rutherford moved smoothly from ewdard to the arrival of Rutherfurs. Novelists and movie-makers are sometimes tempted to do that and maybe they believe it doesn’t matter.

I enjoy Rutherfurd’s stories of European cities because you get the history of the city with a rich saga of interesting characters. I’ll still be reading the follow up book though Other Series By Edward Rutherfurd. Edward Rutherfurd’s stories are woven together from families that existed long ago.

Quotes from The Princes of Ir No trivia or quizzes yet. From his first bestseller, Sarum, to the From the internationally bestselling author of London and Sarum — a magnificent epic about love and war, family life and political intrigue in Ireland over the course of seventeen centuries. Ravens would fly over the house to announce evward death of a clan chief, swans would desert the lake.

I think he spent more time fleshing them out and it probably would have been better if his Dublin Saga had been split into 2 or 3 books to give equal time to everyone.

His books have been translated into twenty languages. Although many of the characters were completely fictional, their interactions with historical events and historical characters allowed me to see what it may have I picked up this book just before heading out on a vacation to Ireland.


Due to Rutherfurd’s writing style, I realize there isn’t going to be as much character edwardd as in other books, but I don’t like characters who are all “good” or all “evil”, and there just didn’t seem to be any redeeming qualities to Sigurd. I’m used to Rutherfurd changing time periods and characters every chapter, so when I started this book, I expected that. The reader moves from the pagan tribes of Ireland dub,in the arrival of Saint Patrick to the coming of the Vikings.

Patrick; the coming of the Vikings and the founding of Dublin; the glories of the great nearby monastery of Glendalough and the making of treasures like the Book of Kells; the extraordinary career of Brian Boru; the trickery of Henry II, which gave England its first foothold in Medieval Ireland. Edward Rutherford has proved with such novels as RusskaSarumLondon and The Forestthat he is a great historical novelist in the mould of James Michener. There are many times that the story is full of action and plot, thus making it very engaging.

I just didn’t care any more. Other Series You Might Like.

Edward Rutherfurd has rjtherfurd millions of readers to the human dramas that are the lifeblood of history. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So I tried to put myself into the position of someone who didn’t know these stories at all and I believe they work just fine The humor made up for the author’s switch from third person to second person outside of dialogue a few times.

Question re Fionnuala Ui Fergusa [spoilers]. Four years later, when the book was published, it became an instant international bestseller, remaining 23 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.