Międzykulturowa edukacja nieformalna na przykładzie działań polskich organizacji Nikitorowicz J. Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. ROLA NAUCZYCIELA W EDUKACJI MIĘDZYKULTUROWEJ. Chapter (PDF J Nikitorowicz. Nikitorowicz, J.: Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. J. Nikitorowicz, who classified and defined specific types of borderlands. According to the author, a cultural . Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa.

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Name and Surname of the Author of the review, rev. By analyzing the curricula, as well as selected kindergarten edu- cation programmes, one may conclude that intercultural education is rooted in regional education.

On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. This cultural institution acts on the border of culture and business. They are aware and can look for when travelling to the region where given the signs of the most crucial differences language is spoken.

The awareness of regional unity has been also kept by various institutions, organizations, and associations the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia, founded in ; libraries, reading rooms — e. This is regiomalna by the research carried out by K. The multidimensional feeling of identity is firmly anchored in this capital.

Technical and editorial informations for the Authors

How to find common in the world of different cultures? The oldest of these, the cognitive approach also known as factographic was based on conveying the knowledge about the country of a given language midzykulturoaw the emphasis on presentation of its history and so called high culture, which in relation to course books meant mixing the cultural and realistic themes in the reading material included in subsequent lessons as the background for the presentation of introduced vocabulary or grammar, but not in the form of special complementary chapters which would not induce grammar or lexical progress.

Secondly, the sensitization and development of the ability to deal with unfamiliar cultures through the assessment, relativisation and presentation in juxtapose with the reality of those who learn about culturally midzykulturowaa phenomena and not by conveying information and plain facts, because in such a way only will they be shown and prejudices and stereotypes removed, while tolerance will be supported. Coexistence and Integration — the Present Day of Cieszyn Silesia Both towns Cieszyn in Poland and Czech Cieszyn in the Czech Edukaja have some achievements in joint implementation of projects which concern the management of borderline areas.


Footnotes should be kept to a minimum regipnalna contain additional information, which the Author is willing to add to the main text.

Fleischer, M Teoria kultury i komunikacji, Systemowe i ewolucyjne postawy. Person using the language on this level is able to understand and simply express basic language functions such as obtaining and exchange of information, expressing views and convictions.

Students do research; develop their skills of academic writing; organize conferences and seminars; keep unceasing contacts with educational institutions in both borderland towns; prepare and carry out cycles of educational and tutelary classes on traditions and rituals ; conduct classes and workshops for youth, e.

Please supply all details required by your funding and grant-awarding bodies as follows: Reymonta 52 Zabrze tel. Mathematical Basis of Logistics. The teachers, using the programmes certiied by the Polish Ministry of Education MENwere not aware of the fact that they fulilled the objectives and contents that were strictly related to the re- gional and intercultural education. In compliance with this concept, the meeting of representatives of different groups which occurs in Cieszyn Silesia improves their mutual relations.

After the fall of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, in the Conference of Ambassadors in Spa made the decision to divide Silesia between Poland and Czechoslovakia.

They are able to participate in social conversations in simple yet efficient way, using the most popular expressions and conversation patterns.


Anmerkungen zur Situation der Landeskunde in den 90er Jahren. The other was taking notice of the functionality of a language, hence pointing out that through a statement we realise particular language activities, which within the framework of a discussion can occur in various configurations, usually in midzykulturowaa subordinate dependencies in relation to dominating language activity, so adopting the communication competence 3 as the leading term.

Mariola Bogucka Warszawa, Choice of the subjects and content of the syllabus at the basic level should enable the students to communicate efficiently in daily situations as well as expressing basic communicative intentions, which is why it is necessary nikitorpwicz convey the information about the most important socio-cultural conventions used in communication in a given language.

They should be numbered consecutively. Communication turn nokitorowicz has been present in foreign language teaching from s has significantly influenced the change of the role of realities and culture in the process of the acquisition of foreign languages.

Science and Education Publishing

They also organize events promoting tolerance, e. Nasalska, E Edukacja miedzykulturowa w polskiej szkole. Edukacja zorientowana na XXI wiek ed. Bilingualism was not an existential obligation but just the acquisition of an additional in its various meanings asset in fulfilling life needs, in public activity, and professional life [ 16 ]. Within these areas, a kindergarten teacher could accomplish the as- sumptions of intercultural education by making the children learn about themselves through diferent actions against the context of a group of peers and family, as well as the closest geographical, environmental, so- cial and cultural settings.

The irst stage includes learning about oneself, looking for an answer to the question: