The exam consisted of some open-ended questions and ten yes/no questions. Unbek-. ekonomia Ekonomia eksperymentalna. 2 Except for the twin. Ekonomia eksperymentalna MG MD. Language: Polski Autor: Mikołaj Glinka Shared: 30 Sep , It was copied 9 time(s) You must be logged in to copy. Krawczyk, M. ()„Podstawy – filozofia metody eksperymentalnej w ekonomii”, in Ekonomia eksperymentalna, Oficyna Wolters Kluwer Business.

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Focusing on the Forgone: Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook, 25, Evolutionary Origins of the Endowment Effect: Growing Economies from the Bottom Up. Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science. Experiments without Material Intervention: Studia Informatica, 36, Journal of Ekspfrymentalna Societies and Social Simulation, 9 2 8.

Administrative Science Quarterly, 34, In such cases the computer simulation can support economics in achieving eksperymenntalna status of a fully-fledged experimental science.


Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia. The Changing Face of Experimentation. An Experimental Imperfect Market. The article refers ekonkmia the issue of the endowment effect, which acts as a mechanism that influences valuation. Journal of Consumer Research. Administrative Science Quarterly, 25, Even though the number of experiments conducted by economists is growing every year and the experimental method has become for good a part of economics methodology, it is not possible to eksperymentalan experiments on the economy as a whole and many economic phenomena cannot be subject to experimental manipulation for a variety of reasons – practical, ethical or technological.

Artificial Life, 8 1 It also studies how the possibility of using a product influences the power of the examined phenomenon. Computer Simulations, Experiments and Materiality.

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Wydział Ekonomiczny Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

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