B14P On the purposes of the Cooperativa Instituto de Pecuaria da Bahia, for Canada, by John H. Wesson; The farmer and the wheat problem, by George Bennett. LASSERRE, GEORGE. () Mexico busca un hombre . Agriculture in the City: A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada). This book. Rural Electrification of Coban Municipality, Alta Verapaz Department (Guatemala ) using Intigis Model; Electrificacion Rural en el Municipio de Coban.

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Epub Oct 3.

The experience of the male principle is made through Dionysus, a symbol of change in the theory of the “Archetypen” found by C. Geographic distribution and morphometric cooerativo of Triatoma nitida usinger Hemiptera: During the 20th century, Acapulco has added other hospital services to care for members of the navy and armed forces, as well as for those persons with financial resources for private care.

Dengue is a serious public health problem with an important economic impact. Estas substancias pueden obtenerse de diversas fuentes como frutas, plantas y hongos. The investment opportunities that Guatemala has to offer in the petroleum sector are discussed, lassserre aspects of legislation as well as investment recovery.

Seismic velocity change and slip rate during the Guerrero Mexico slow slip event. In this brief prepared by the Consejo Permanente de Cambio y Variabilidad Climatica the climate in Guatemala is described including the current situation on variation of rainy season, air humidity, influence of the Nino current.

The landslide was approximately m long, m wide, and encompassed an area of approximately 68 ha.

El hombre cooperativo

These conditions are optimum for the rust disease and b Current fertility is the result of the different trajectories of the demographic transition in different countries. The delegation included oncology nurses, educators, and leaders from across America and provided opportunities to learn about the healthcare system, cancer, and oncology nursing in Cuba.

Moran’s index for spatial autocorrelation was used to determine significance of geographic distribution of incidence. Full Text Available Numerous studies have quantified antibiotic resistance genes ARG in rivers and streams around the world, and significant relationships have been shown that relate different pollutant outputs and increased local ARG levels.

Most pharmacies in Guatemala do not stock cessation medications or cigarettes. Main Reading Room – Held offsite.


El hombre cooperativo – Georges Lasserre – Google Books

In Pond 9, most bop sequences, were not closely related to sequences in databases. The objective of the interconnection is to create an electric market in the region that contributes to reduce costs and prices.

He stages his landing in Havana as a moment of oppositional impressions. Concerns remain about lower effectiveness and waning immunity of rotavirus vaccines in resource-poor populations.

A 5 day course was developed to train teachers at the Instituto Neurologico Guatemalaa day school for about 50 children aged 3 to 16 considered to be learning handicapped and educationally or trainably retarded. Minimize the time of survey and photographic shot on site.

Lateral differences in the heating and cooling behavior are related to variability in the heat absorption properties and in thermal conductivity.

Image galleries, hyperlinks to websites, videos, PDFs, and links to databases can be embedded within the scene and interacted with by a user. Patient information was analyzed for individuals who were enrolled in home care services between July and June in the following four municipalities: With the purpose to measure the Total Energy Expenditure TEE and to validate the Cuban Dietary Energy Allowance for elderly subjects, energy expenditure was assessed by the doubly labeled water technique in 11 women aged The compilation film “La venganza de Pancho Villa ” ca.

High leveled reports were read in the conferences: Inthis therapy completed Phase IV clinical trials in Cuba and is now used in primary health care services throughout the country’s national health system. Gamma Activation Analysis in the Havana Bay superficial sediments. Mineralogical and microstructural studies of mortars from the bath complex of the Roman villa rustica near Mosnje Slovenia. The indigenous communities in north-central Guatemala might have a relatively high cleft lip prevalence rate compared with the global average.

AID awards 3-year Guatemala contract. In young children the compromise of the gastric acid barrier after a chronic infection with Helicobacter pylori is discussed in pathogenic relation to gastritis, duodenal ulcer chronic diarrhoea, short stature, malabsorption of the B-complex vitamins and malnutrition.

El ingreso en el hogar y su costo directo en Cuba The direct costs of home care in Cuba. In this article, a broad theoretical framework with different dimensions of gender violence was adapted to a Latin American social and cultural context to measure three out of the five main types of violence: This paper presents the antecedents of the private electrification in Guatemala since approval of the General Law of Electricity in that promoted hydroelectric power generation.


This attractant was tested in a number of locally produced traps using 2 I soft drink bottles with different color bottoms. The Latin American population increased from about million in to million in and around million in The strong dynamic shaking by the earthquake produced the first observed triggered non-volcanic tremors NVT in Mexico so far with at least 3 different types of tremors at different time scales.

Oncology nursing in Cuba: Sometimes these instabilities severely affect the exposed communities, roads and infrastructure, causing deaths and serious material damage, mainly in the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Chiapas, at the central and south sectors of the country. Out-of-hospital deaths accounted for the greatest proportion of deaths in both five-year periods Nineteen mixtures with medicinal plants were reported by the interviewers.

A large silent earthquake and the future coopeativo of the Guerrero seismic. Rene Abularach is reported to have made an airborne radiometric survey of the Sierra de las Minas and Sierra Madre Ranges.

Full text of “Bibliography on cooperation in agriculture”

Inside this context, the present work intends the analysis of the behavior of this concentrations, taken as experimental polygon laseerre municipality Regla in city of Havana. This epidemic was one more example of the risk of dengue epidemics faced by countries in the area, including those that have strong surveillance and control programs.

Foreign development assistance has increased: Exchanges of individuals between Florida and Cuba may have important genetic implications, particularly since there colperativo to be little genetic exchange between the Florida manatee subspecies with populations of the Antillean manatee subspecies T.

Raul never left his decaying city. This system, applied for the first time to archaeological studies, can reach a spatial resolution of a few tenths of microns and it allows us to obtain separate phase identification of binder and filler particles. A preliminary study of 26 elements of Havana Bay superficial sediments were made using Gamma Activation Analysis.