This is a new streamer available in early March in the UK but I think it is already released in Europe. Has anyone had a chance to play with it. Ellion HMRH specifications: 0 GB, HDMI, LAN. Ellion Hmr h Hd Media Recorderplayer With Vfd Display, Used Media Players For Sale in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland for euros on

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Feb 7, at 4: DavidTFeb 7, Oct 30, Messages: This is a new streamer available in early March in the UK but I think it is already released in Europe. Has anyone had a chance to play with it yet? Feb 25, at 3: Nov 2, Messages: I’d be interested to know as well. It looks like the perfect device for me. Feb 29, at 4: Mar 2, Messages: Just hoping somebody gets one first and can let us all know it’s capabilities. Come on, there’s always somebody who wants take that “small step for man”.

Mar 1, at 7: MtlDtyMar 1, I got one from Scan today. Only had a quick play with it so far. Setup was nice and easy. I got a GB disk, which screws into a cradle which then fits snugly into the elion, the SATA connections are easy to push in, and the cover snaps back on.

Once its first turned on you go through the formatting process which is a little confusing and requires a little planning. To be honest I’m not yet convinced I understand this bit. You basically divide the disk up into three partitions, Engrish manual explains: You can record and enjoy timeshift with this filesystem.

You can copy the files and folders by remote control as well as by computer” NTFS partition: This partition is mainly designed when you want to copy a file whose size is more than 4GB, because FAT32 has the limit of 4GB of single file size” The partitioning process is all the more confusing because you specify partitions as percentage of total volume, and without a calculator or a maths degree you’re guessing the partition size.

I think therefore the UDF partition is solely for the ability to pause live tv, whereas the FAT32 partition is standard recording space. Rear connections are plentiful, which was a real selling point for me. SCART in and out, component, composite, hdmi.


Coaxial and optical audio out. The remote control is small and light, covered in buttons but it seems like the directional keypad will be the most used part, to select most functions from the fairly ellio menu structure.

Ellion HMR-350H Manuals

Main menu has 5 main options: Browser – allows browsing through the disk partitions. As a file is selected a mini preview window starts playing the file. REC List – playback of recorded or ‘timeshifted’ content.

Each recorded file can be given a custom filename, and the mini preview window is usefull here too. You can record whilst watching other content. Eolion various options Date, time, network etc are the recording format choices: I recorded Bourne Supremacy onto HQ and the quality was perfect throughout.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Like I say the really frustrating part is no ability to set a record timer. This would possibly be a dream machine if it included that, but I’m keeping fingers crossed for a firmware update!

Mar 1, at 9: Mar 1, Messages: Mar 1, at No I dont think you can record from the Elion to any networked device. You would need to record onto the Elion, then copy the file to the NAS. If the networked machine supports formats that the Elion doesnt such as wmv, mkv h then the files are transcoded in real time apparently While I’m here I’ll also just mention that on the firmware update page it looks like there is an update named ‘scart timer rec beta’, which sounds like it may fix my major gripe – no other info on it yet so I’m currently downloading to see what it does.

Thanks x 1 List. Mar 2, at 1: MtlDtyMar 2, This allows multiple scheduled timed recordings to be set. Mar 2, at Have you connected an external device and tried copying to it?

Got mine on Friday HD Support: Rubbish Media Player Wife friendliness: Dreadful – No CDDB, IDB, Album Art, Thumbnails support – File name support when name is beyond 10 chacactors in length is non existant unless you select the file to allow it to scroll the name – this result in a preview as well which can not be disabled.

The issues are software based so maybe they will address them but at the moment I am not convinced that the guys writting the menu system even use the device themselves as the issues would elliom be relised. Let’s hope they sort it out in future flash upgrades! Mar 2, at 9: Mar sllion, at Hi all i’ve ordered the HMRH, i’m now looking to buy an internal disk i was thinking of installing a tera-byte disk any suggestion.


Mar 6, at 3: Mar 14, at 4: ToxicOrchidMar 14, Mar 14, Messages: Mar 20, at 6: Mar 20, Messages: Mar 22, at 2: Mar 22, Messages: I’m thinking of buying one. Rebadged in Spain as O2 – http: One question i don’t see answered OK 3 Is it quiet? Can I run it in my living room without it bugging me?

And, does it overheat? Mar 22, at Hi, has anyone used a wireless usb adapter with bmr-350h unit? Mar 23, at Dec 31, Messages: Mar 25, at 2: Quick question for anybody who owns one already. Mar 27, at 2: Mar 28, at Mar 30, at 9: Mar 30, at Nov 17, Messages: Apr 18, at 8: OK, so I have persisted with this device for 2 months now to see if an update would improve my initial response see earlier post.

Ellion Hmr h Hd Media Recorderplayer With Vfd Display For Sale in Crosshaven, Cork from lottyb

I hope that this posting can prevent those that look at this unit purely on the spec sheet from believing this unit is value for money. S Interesting to note that there was no reply to my initial post whinging about it that tried to stick up for the unit! May 1, at 7: MtlDtyMay 1, Yeah, I’m in same boat.

Conclusion from about 2 months use: Device locks up frequently. I’ve had to reformat three times losing all the recorded stuff each time.

After my initial enthusiasm based on features I have to agree with davlloyd. Despite the cheap cost I now wish I’d spent the money on building a media centre pc instead, and will probably take that route now.

May 1, at

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