Elprom Trafo. Address: Kyustendil, Bulgaria, Dondukov Str. The factory was established in year under the name “Elprom Trafo” with its main activity being manufacturing of MV/LV Distribution Transformers. Elprom Trafo CH is company for Electrical Equipment in Kyustendil. Informaton about the company and its activities.

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Rating plate and diagram 4. We are on the market since Not exactly what you want? Welding is done in protective atmosphere Ar-CO2.

Axial bolts do the axial tightening of the windings. This site uses cookies. The off-load trqfo is situated vertically between two adjacent phases. Upon request the tank and cover are hot-dip zinc galvanized. Conservator for Trqfo series We have a developed and introduced automated system for management of the purchase orders, management system for the technical documentations and management system of the material base of the plant.

High quality of the welding seams is guaranteed by tests with penetrating agents in a special test field and by testing with over pressure of 40 kPa. For more than 10 years now the plant has an established and certified quality management system acc. The leads from the HV winding are insulated with thick insulation paper layer and insulation tubes and press board.

You, our customers know well that without solid foundation and clear goals there is no development, and we have both.

Elprom-trafo SN AD

The active part is fixed to the tank cover and is supported by the tank bottom. The voltage is regulated at the HV side by means of an off-load tap-changer when the transformer is de-energized.

China dry transformer kva China transformer w China transformer kva toroid. Thus it remains stable during transportation. Our production is maximally extended — we manufacture the full range of oil immersed distribution transformers with rated power from 25kVA up to 10 kVA.


The optimal design of the windings and employment of most contemporary technology, the optimal selected cooling ducts, properly dimensioned insulation, effective tightening in radial and axial direction result in a high electrical, thermal and dynamic withstand capability according to the requirements of IEC.

Elprom trafo |

Special epoxy resin bushing and plug-in cable connector at the HV side Elastimold system optional. They have an insulation of cable paper or enamel resistant to hot transformer oil. Dehydrating breather for TM series Oil filling venting plug Nowadays we have control laboratories for incoming, current and outgoing control of the materials, used in the production, as well as testing laboratory for routine and type testing of the transformers.

In the upper part the walls are welded to a flange frame to which the tank cover is bolted. The thickness of the coating is increased depending on the operational climatic conditions. trrafo

We can now shorten the production period to a maximum and this way — spare your time. The quality procedures, according to ISO The inner parts of the core and coil assembly are coated by an oil resistant enamel. Using the scroll is also considered to be a trqfo

We have special design and technological departments, thereby the production cycle becomes fully closed — from the design of the transformer to its assembly, in accordance with the requirements of the end e,prom and every related national and international standard. Contemporary automated lines cut the steel sheets delivered in rolls longitudinally and transversally.

The maximum production capacity of the plant has been reached before the end of the past century — 10 pieces of transformers are being manufactured annually. China for transformer China transformer kva rating China transformer.


Contemporary lines for automatic corrugation and plasma welding produce the tank walls. For each rated power we offer different series, depending on the no-load and load losses.

Elprom Trafo CH PLC – Power, distribution, transformers

Type tests are performed on each transformer type. This is our path through the years — a path of tradition and continuous renewal. Thus a sufficient thickness of the protective coating of min.

The LV winding is situated at the core limb and is foil cylindrical type made out of profiled section copper for the ratings including kVA and out of copper foil for ratings kVA and above. At the bottom the walls are welded to the tank bottom. Dial type – thermometer with alarm contacts over kVA. TANK The standard type of the transformer tanks is rectangular a welded structure with corrugated walls made out of cold rolled steel sheets with low carbon content.

The plant introduces a good working system, organized and maintained by high quality experts. The neutral terminal of the LV winding for all the transformers is brought out on the transformer cover through a separate bushing that is designed for the full rated current and is insulated for the highest voltage of the LV system.

These include temperature rise test and lightning impulse test. These are performed upon special request of the customer. One decade later the plant achieves significant development, it is renewed technologically, expands and the production range is extended.