Once A Rogue – Jayne Fresina Taming the Tudor Male in Three Easy Lessons – Book 2 November, – Lyrical Historical 3 Hoots Summary: Sometimes a bad . Pleasing the Boss by Emma C Shortt: A chance meeting in a bar leads to the most erotic night of Pam’s life. Only when she awakes, Gabe is. When Pam and Gabe meet in a bar the attraction is immediate. Even though Pam doesn´t normally do one night stands, she just can´t fight her attraction to Gabe.

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Darke Darmetheus has been alive for a very long time. Contains actual love scenes and may include detailed descriptions of foreplay and consummation.

Pleasing the Boss

Pam wasn’t looking for a pick up but when she saw Gabe for the first time something just clicked. I easily saw how Dominic could dazzle and make Rachel fall so in love so quickly that she forgets her mission. But an image of his magnificent dick refused to leave my mind and I only just contained a whimper. Gabriel wants her all the time, but Pam wants to maintain a professional mien at work, and only see him romantically outside work. Thanks for the chance to win. I really didn’t like this one.

I see sword-wielding, flying over our heads and killing each other angels. Or so he thinks. And if so, will she be able to please her boss? I love books with a little humor in them along with the romance. There are a lot of places where you’d think that there’d be tension: Dominic was strong, sexy, and used to getting what he wants and he wants Rachel. The hotness level of this book is a smoldering 5, no doubt about it.


I could hardly blame them.

Several years later and Emma has yet ema walk on the moon or sit in the Captain’s chair, but she is still writing. Nick is a perpetual playboy, finding and discarding women casually throughout his friendship with Gabe. A few days after finishing the book I can recall a succession of lusty couplings in various places and positions, but the only details that stick in my mind are that one of the male leads is covered in tattoos and the heroine has a magnificent set of button-popping mammaries.

But there he was, bearing down on me with the scorch still in his chocolate eyes and his hair still begging me to stroke it. Nevin meets Marco in the most unlikely of places There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I actually love Oleasing accents, so I spent the whole time reading the story with a British accent for all the characters.

Pamela Hunt, E,ma of Research. Some supporting characters make the story even more enjoyable.

Some do it better than others. Lust was the lure, Candy was the reward. The spelling mistakes in the book didn’t bother me as much as before. A fun, fmma read that demonstrates yet again that Ms Shortt’s output is nothing if not intriguingly unpredictable. Pam had always ruled out romances with coworkers and is horrified to find out her one-night stand is her new boss.

Bedded by the Italian Playboy by Emma Shortt

Getting down and dirty with a no-nonsense erotic novella made a nice change from rambling through the halls of Regency palaces and meeting demure and improbably innocent maidens and their cigar-smoking, fox-hunting, brandy-quaffing aristocrat partners.

Maybe I’m becoming immune to Evernight’s sloppy proofreading. At only 84 pages this is a quick read, but it is lacking nothing. The plot is thin in Pleasing the Bossbut as I said earlier, the heat between these two makes up for it on every page. Amy Miller rated it really liked it Jan 09, Shortt is giving away an ecopy to one lucky winner! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. How about we meet after that? No current Talk conversations about this book.


He coughed, and turned to the rest of the staff. Somebody shrugs it all off and the tension goes away.

Pleasing the Boss (Office Seduction #1) by Emma Shortt

Pleasing the Boss by Emma Shortt Series: Several years later and Emma has thee to walk on the moon o As a kid Emma wanted to be an astronaut, or maybe Captain Janeway. Big tits, big nipples——that was the way I rolled. Gazelle in the Shadows.

Congratulations on the release.

Bedded by the Italian Playboy by Emma Shortt

EVH rated it it was amazing Jan 27, The memory of the feel of it in my pussy hit me, and I gripped the side of my desk.

What were the fucking odds? Next morning, when Pam greets her new boss, Guess Who is smiling at her?

When a chance meeting with Gabe changes all her plans. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email.