End Time Delusions by Steve Wohlberg separates facts from speculative fiction and reveals what the Bible really teaches about Earth’s last days. End Time Delusions has 65 ratings and 10 reviews. Dave Johnson End Time Delusions: The Rapture, the Antichrist, Israel, and the End of Steve Wohlberg. End Time Delusions is Steve Wohlberg’s most comprehensive book on prophecy separating facts from speculative fiction and revealing what the Bible really.

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I think you can see how flimsy that argument is, and how awful is the holistic biblical exposition. In order to really make a strong argument, you have to have foundational arguments that are sound.

He deelusions mentions that many men and women of God who we venerate in the faith also believed this way.

Chris rated it it was ok Jan 20, The Bible says we are to give strict scrutiny to what we cling to, and “Left Behind” Christians should scrutinize their beliefs to make sure they are actually matching scripture, and not the novelization of Tim LaHaye’s interpretation of scripture.

Will seven years of apocalyptic terror overtake xelusions left behind? But his foundation is so obviously bad that unless you gloss over this, it’s hard to take him seriously.

Lisa rated it it was amazing Oct 05, SDA is very much on the fringe of orthodoxy, and I think that’s a very generous judgment. I liked this book on Biblical prophecy quite a bit.

For many Christians today, the idea that they will be taken out of the world before the really big stuff happens in the Tribulation is held right up there with the virgin birth as to correct doctrine that cannot be questioned. Come to Jehovah and Jesus.


I found that laughable and oddly conflicting in a book de,usions about how Catholicism is deluusions antichrist. See 1 question about End Time Delusions…. JimO rated it really liked it Mar 16, Refresh and try again.

End Time Delusions: The Rapture, the Antichrist, Israel, and the End of the World

Is this what the Bible prophecies will happen at the end of time? Anyway, I purchased the book and went through it using the scriptures. Will Earth’s nations attack Israel at Armageddon?

But if you already have a presupposition that Catholicism is evil, that the papacy is the antichrist, and that the man of perdition will come out of the Church I guess a reflection of the rise of Catholicismthen you are going to build your argument from the roof down.

Let’s find out from the Bible. In context the verses people quote in Daniel to show a future 7-year tribulation with an Antichrist who will stop the sacrifice is actually referring to Christ’s sacrifice stopping the temple sacrifice. A couple of things you should know are these Oh boy.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I will say this, I am thinking about becoming a Seventh-Day Adventist. Millions of Christians sense we are nearing Jesus Christ’s return. Wohlberg wohlbedg to be spot-on for the first several chapters. Will Christians vanish delusipns a rapture? To ask other readers questions about End Time Delusionsplease sign up. I think that pastors would be out of line and wrong for preaching this in their church without really doing further research.

End Time Delusions

Even if you study the ideas presented in this book and remain a believer in “Left Behind” theology, you’ll enjoy better understanding all the arguments put forward about this most important topic. Again, if you just take a simple look at Scripture, it’s obvious that it’s physically sitting in a physical temple.


The first part of the book looks at many popular beliefs and points out problems with them such as the idea of a pre-tribulation Rapture, the Antichrist as a single evil entity, and the Great Tribulation lasting 7 years.

Matthew McDougle rated it it was ok Sep 04, And I think this ties into the biggest issue I have with this book: Can someone tell me how I can stece a list of his books? So one wohlnerg, I decided to search the scriptures myself to find what the end would be like. I already have several of them, but I want the entire collection. Porter Rodriguez rated it liked it Aug 23, Will he enter a rebuilt Jewish temple, claiming to be God?

End Time Delusions

This is why his quotation of Chesterton is problematic. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In the very first chapter, Steve answered many of the questions I had.

Buttressed with solid teachings from many of Christianity’s most illustrious scholars, it lets the Bible speak for itself about the past, present, and future.

Best-selling books like Left Behind and popular apocalyptic movies predict such thi Will Christians vanish in a rapture? Great book on Escapology,of end times and t6he return of Christ.