ENRAF-NONIUS ATG Interface. Tank Gauging Protocols Manual. ENRAF INTRODUCTION. The interface between BBI’s Network // Honeywell Enraf ATG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell Enraf ATG Installation Manual. Honeywell Enraf series ATG servo gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level MB; Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge ATG Manual.

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The display contrast can also be adjusted by means of the hall switches.

Remove the PCB hexagon support bar. Request for the displacer weight. An example for a bit coded status byte: Calibration of an incompletely checked and reprogrammed gauge is not advisable. Calculate the maximum measuring drum unbalance as: UN Unlock Rnraf an unlock command to cancel the calibrate command.

The contents, descriptions and specifications in this installation guide are subject to change without notice.

Instruction manual series ATG level gauge

A magnetic coupling transfers the drum movement hence, displacer movement to electronic compartment. Check whether the gauge type is set correct; if not, change it. The instrument can be totally programmed out in the field, or remotely, without opening the gauge. Janual installing the measuring drum and displacer, the motor block locking device must be unlocked. Caution The intrinsically safe options described in this section are explosion-proof certified.


If the N is selected for a feature, the level dimension and level type on the display will be replaced by hashes: The drum unbalance should be within 3 grams. Check that the O-ring and gaskets are supplied.

Page 16 Commissioning 3.

Honeywell Enraf 854 ATG Manuals

The SAT will not only be executed immediately after tank loading has apparently stopped, but also at regular intervals configurable through item SI. Perform a repeatability test to ensure the displacer is on the product surface refer to section 4. Hold the test ahg in front of the display.

Switch off maual supply. Step 3 Check with the identification code on the label of your ATG whether the gauge is equipped with one or more optional functions, and program the items for that options refer to the appropriate option manuals.

As tank gauging has evolved, the series ATG servo level gauge has become an The relay output contacts are potential free. If a density displacer is used, check whether the engraved weight is programmed correctly in this item. BT Balance test Start a balance test.


Enraf servo 854ATG install guide

To prevent other commands in the initialization sequence, the Honeywell Enraf field bus lines may, temporary, be disconnected.

Deviation from any of the prescribed procedures;!

Furthermore SATs will be executed at regular intervals. The distance UR represents the distance from the innage zero point datum plate to the upper reference point at a dip hatch or other point at the tank top. These items all have unique 2-letter abbreviations which allow easy access and programming.

Installation guide ATG General precautions General precautions Enrat During transport of the gauge the motor block should be locked.

Enraf servo ATG install guide |

Reprogram all values after completion of all the four calibration measurements. Modification to the instrument may only be carried out by trained personnel which is authorized by Honeywell Enraf. If there is no inspection hatch, try to mount the gauge sideways, next to the original 2″ flange.