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Quechua writing and grammar are the work of the Spaniard, and Quechua literature belonged entirely chentos bilingual men of letters like El Luna-rejo until the appearance of Inocencio Mamani, the young author of Tucuipac Manashcan. Original words, graphic expressions, daring constructions spring from the songs and sayings of the common people.

Garcilaso de la Vega is unique among the latter. Those who are satisfied to find, instead, fascism and the Church—the authority and the hierarchy in the Roman sense—reach their goal and discover their truth. The class system of the colonial encomendero underlies his opinions, which invariably are expressed in terms of Hispanism, colonialism, and social privilege.

Gerardo Lopez-Jurado has written: A critic as wise and as distinguished as Pedro Henriquez Urefia, on examining the matter of exuberance in Spanish American literature, observes that the greater part of this literature does not appear to be a product of the tropics.

Basic information for referencing this web page. When it ignores the authentic, living Peru, Peruvian literature is a heavy, indigestible miscellany of Spanish literature. The feudal caste has no titles other than those of colonial tradition, nothing that advances its interests more than a traditionalist literary current.


All his impatience and rebelliousness were converted into a joke, an impertinent remark, or an epigram, which found their literary expression in the biting satire of Tradiciones. In this way, he reaches the most austere, humble, and proud simplicity.

The mixture of invader and Indian did not produce a homogeneous type in Peru. His speeches and articles reveal that he lacked any formal training in economics and politics. He was so creative that any theme—the turkey buzzards of Marinete, the Plaza del Mercado, enfique cockfights—could kindle his imagination.

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After the Radical party failed, he gave his loyalty to the sndinos and abstract utopianism of Kropotkin. Its individualism and elitism isolated it from the common people and insulated it against emotions. The Menocucho Hacienda charges a thousand vexations a day in exchange for life.

The centrifugal, secessionist force that drove him, swept him away from here in a whirlwind. Anvinos you like to merge this question into it?

The conquest transplanted to Peru, together with the Spanish language, an advanced literature that continued to evolve in the colony. He has grown in stature until he has become a truly American poet, and his literature is circulated and sold all over slbujar Spanish-speaking world.

Loretta Lopez has written: Plasma uno de los mejores humorismos de nuestras letras.

I would quote it in its entirety, but these lines are sufficient:. Only as background can one speak of his adventures as a local poet. There is nothing satanic or morbid in him. This attitude is typical of an old literature which, having exhausted its renaissance, becomes baroque and overly cultivated. If the tremulous yaravi music still can pierce our soul with a strange anguish, we must carry within us some residue of the Inca empire and of the struggle between the two races.


Loez matter how remote the civilizations, the material itself has not disappeared; no matter how deep the Spanish influence, even those of us of purest Spanish descent feel bonds with that race whose golden tradition deserves recollection and whose majestic and mysterious ruins overawe us. The ideology of Pdginas libres and Horas de lucha is now largely out of date.

López Albujar, Enrique ()

I do not claim to be a temperate and impartial judge; I declare myself a passionate and belligerent adversary. Denouncing the vaporous verbosity of tropical rhetoric, he urged his contemporaries to get their feet back on the ground. Of all the contemporary literary tendencies, solidarity is least present in his poetry.

We have seen how a generation or rather a Radical movement that recognized Gonzalez Prada as its leader xuentos a neo-civilista or colonialist movement that proclaimed Palma as its patriarch; and we have seen how it was followed by a colonida movement, which was the precursor of a new generation.