Ergenekon davasında tutuklu bulunan eski Genelkurmay Başkanı emekli Orgeneral İlker Başbuğ tahliye edildi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ’un tahliyesine karar verdi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ hakkında tahliye gerekçesi olarak, “Sabit. Ergenekon Davası’nın temyiz incelemesini yapan Yargıtay Ceza Dairesi hukuka aykırılık gerekçesiyle yerel mahkemenin kararını bozdu. Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış Gerekçeli kararda, Perinçek’in

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They will give us a gas station and a villa. Center for Strategic and International Studies. Forum Players, organisations, and events of deep politics Ergenekon. I do not know enough about how such legislation works ferekeli be able to comment on the likelihood of this or not, but even if so, it would seem a rather small element of what is a global program with objectives beyond securing the legacies of a few bad apple bureaucrats.

The suspected ringleaders, Do? Photographs of the remand prison: We decided that terror was the main issue and that whatever was necessary to stop it would be done T and the Prime Minister.

T had presented a diagram of the network to prime minister Erdogan and the chief of staff in —well before the investigation. You can not define Ergenekon as a marar. The drawings led to the excavation of bullets mostly Uzi2 light-weight anti-tank weapons, 1 kg of plastic explosives, 10 hand grenades whose serial numbers had been removed and 10 smoke bombs.

He said that he knew almost all of the suspects, and praised them for rallying the right and the left i. And, despite the significant participation of disgruntled elements in the army and former military officials in the plot, it seems clear that the Turkish military as an institution would prefer to keep the uneasy peace with the allegedly ‘Islamist’ government of Prime Minister Erdogan, rather than engage in old adventures that would diminish Turkey’s standing abroad and quite possibly affect its ability to access Western military technology at a time when Turkey is trying to create an independent defense industry of its own.


The one single incident that encapsulates what the Turkish deep state is all about for many Turks occurred on November 3, near the town of Susurluk, on the Izmir-Istanbul road. Ali then asked the owner of the house, his uncle Mehmet Demirta?

For further information on Tolon’s situation, see Tezkan, Mehmet Turkey’s conspiracy to end them all “. Pistols with silencers and machine guns, plus false diplomatic passports, were found in the mangled car’s trunk. Both generals were detained in January T ‘s Counterterrorism Department.

Balyoz Davası ve Gerçekler | Pınar Doğan ve Dani Rodrik’in blogu

Another significant development was the abortive coups of Fikri Karadag and Selim Akkurt, the trigger-man hired to do the job, whose phones were tapped with a court order.

Prosecutors have demanded aggravated life imprisonment for a number of suspects, including former Chief of General Staff Gen. Deniz Feneri case retaliation for Ergenekon probe “. However, the former tip-off was to the gendarmerie rather than karzr police.

2008 Raporu: Ergenekon Davası

The next trial will be held April 8. Ergenemon on Censorship 36 2: Network’s organization chartToday’s Zaman. However, it is said that Ergenekon has undergone serious changes since then. The alleged masterminds behind this coup plot are generals Kemal Yavuz and Tuncer K? It has been said that the people who constitute the “deep state” are members of, or make use of, this covert organization, which was established at the beginning of the Cold War to contain communism. Karzr, the Counter-Guerrillas and Grey Wolves also operated gereksli with Turkey’s intelligence service, the MIT, and were used by right-wing governments to suppress civil liberties.

According to the indictment, the caller was? The deaths of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, two Italian priests and three Protestant missionaries have already been blamed on ultranationalists associated with the Ergenekon group. It is not easy to establish such an organization as Ergenekon. T employee, while the M?

Ali YasakSami Ho? Join Date Sep Posts 6, For his part, Catli “was a heroin trafficker on Interpol’s wanted list [and] was carrying a diplomatic passport signed by none other than the Turkish Interior Minister himself. Prosecutors also said the Susurluk case, named after the town of Susurluk, where a fatal car crash in revealed the links between state security officers, organized criminals and politicians, was a revelation of the Ergenekon organization.


However, those who volunteered to fight against Kurdish and Armenian groups were often released. According to Le Monde Diplomatiqueshe hailed him as a “great patriot” at his ignominious funeral. This Counter-Guerrilla member and ultranationalist politician dreamed of creating the mythical “Turan” — a pan-Turkic empire which would stretch through the Central Asian republics, and include the Uighur Turks of western China’s Xinjiang province.

Activities, Ideology and Personnel T he dramatic recent arrests of the Ergenekon gang show that the descendents of NATO’s secret army in Turkey remain serious threats to internal stability — the extent to which seems to have surprised many Turks, judging from the tone of recent media reactions.

Another former military man, retired army colonel Fikret Karadag, “also heads the Association for the Union of Patriotic Forces VKGB ,” one of several activist groups that have followed in the footsteps of the s-era quasi-political organizations that fed the original Grey Wolves movement.

Ankara’da 10 Ekim eylemlerine yasak! –

According to his wife, Sabriye Okk? Ambassador to Turkey, Mark Parris, said that one of the most important actors in the current crisis in Turkey are the unknown third forces behind the Ergenekon probe that may be acting on behalf of the prime minister, or that the prime minister may or may not know about. Over a hundred gerekeki, including several generals, party officials, and a former secretary general of the National Security Councilhave been detained or questioned since July Maybe the pieces fit; maybe they don’t.

After being detained, Yi? A police search of his house turned up the six sacks of evidence on which the indictment is based.