Gerald Finzi. Bagatelles (5) for clarinet & piano, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. : Five Bagatelles, Op. Clarinet in B-flat and Piano with online audio of performance and (): Gerald Finzi: Books. A staple of standard clarinet literature, this suite appears on various state high school contest solo repertory lists. Contents: I. Prelude · II. Romance · III. Carol · IV.

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The set consists of three slow movements, quite distinct from one another, framed by fast opening and closing movements. He also amassed a large library of some volumes of English poetry, philosophy and literature, now kept at the University of Reading and a collection some volumes including books, manuscripts and printed scores of 18th-century English music, now kept at the University of St Andrews. Your passion and knowledge combined will be an asset to those seeking your niche. Much slower than the first movement half the tempo, in factthis Andante tranquillo in ABA form seems to depict a lover dreamily contemplating the complex emotions that are often felt when one falls in love.

Despite being an agnostic of Jewish descent, several of his choral works incorporate Christian texts. For voice and orchestra he composed the above-mentioned Dies natalisand the pacifist Farewell to Arms The Fughetta Baagtelles vivace undoubtedly provided the lively finale that Boosey wanted. In the Finzis moved to Ashmansworth in Hampshirewhere he founded the Newbury String Playersan amateur chamber orchestra which he conducted until his death, reviving eighteenth century string music as well bagarelles giving premieres of works by his contemporaries, and offering chances of performance for talented young musicians such as Julian Bream and Kenneth Leighton.


Finzi – Five Bagatelles

A well presented and clearly formatted edition of Gerald Finzi’s Five Bagatelles for clarinet. The movements all stand alone as fine solo works.

In the poetry of Hardy, Traherne, and later William WordsworthFinzi was attracted by the recurrent motif of the innocence of childhood corrupted by adult experience. Britten, Mathias, Finzi, Cooke.

Bagatelles (5) for clarinet &… | Details | AllMusic

One of my favorite composers is Gerald Finzi. The Carol is the easiest movement of the Five Bagatellesthough it still has an interesting meter: Among his other songs, the settings of Shakespeare poems in the cycle Let Us Garlands Bring are the best known. Then a sort of mini-development of the initial phrases occurs before the movement ends gently and softly, fading into nothing.

List of compositions by Gerald Finzi. During the s, Finzi composed only a few works, but bagateles was in these, notably the cantata Dies natalis to texts by Thomas Trahernethat his fully mature style developed. You may find that the melodies in the slower movements of the Five Bagatelles lend themselves well to singing.

The lines are some of the most lyrical ones in the clarinet repertoire.

Nevertheless, in the spring and summer of he grabbed the moment for a burst of composition before he was finz to work in the Ministry of War Transport that July. Finzi became one of the most characteristically “English” composers of his generation.


Fughetta Approximate duration is 14 minutes. Finzi and his wife catalogued and edited Gurney’s works for publication. It is important that the sixteenth notes just after Rehearsal 4 remain relaxed and steady, observing all the dynamics—it is easy to rush them and allow them to sound frantic. Inat the suggestion of Adrian BoultFinzi took a course in counterpoint with R.

I played the violin for seven years and the flute for 4 years. Clarinet Concerto; Five Bagatelles; Ashmore: What appears to be bafatelles repeat of the initial phrase in the upper clarion register turns out to be more a development of the new idea with a growing intensity.

Boydell Press,p. Streams Videos All Posts. The interplay between the piano and the clarinet is absolutely perfect. Introspection Late Night Partying. The piano introduces the new idea, echoed by the clarinet four bars later. Plenty of accidentals, dynamics, and varied articulations will keep you on your toes. The clarinet line is a repetition of the original A section, with a few embellishments and other small changes in the piano part, up through most of the section at Rehearsal 7.