Translations in context of “formulaire CN22” in French-English from Reverso le formulaire CN22, Déclaration en douane ou le formulaire CN23 Déclaration en. Env o gratis con Amazon PrimeNuevas ofertas cada Compra la AppJabraOffice and Contact Center Traducir esta ginahttps email not recognized please check. When sending parcels to the USA (value of the parcels between ( USD approx.) is it compulsory to fill out the CN23 form for every si.

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This Agreement shall apply, on the one hand, to the territories to which the Treaty establishing the European Community applies under the conditions laid down in that Treaty and, on the other, to the territory of Formulaure.

In the selection of measures, priority must be given to those which least disturb the functioning of the Agreement. The Contracting Parties shall consult each other and keep each other informed of the detailed rules of implementation which are adopted in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol.

Agricultural products originating in the Community listed in Protocol No 2 on importation into Algeria shall be subject to the arrangements set out in that Protocol. When adopting such measures, Algeria shall provide the Committee with a schedule for the abolition of the customs duties introduced pursuant to this Article.

Following the entry into force of the agreements with Israel, Tunisia, Morocco and the Palestine Liberation Organisation, the signature of the agreements with Jordan and Egypt and the initialling of the agreement with Lebanon, this latest Agreement is a further illustration of the strengthening of the partnership established by the Barcelona Conference of 27 and 28 November Would you like to keep them?

When the invoice declaration is not made out by an approved dn23, the words in brackets must be omitted or the space left blank. In addition to the areas covered by Titles V and VI of this Agreement, cooperation shall apply to the following: For the application of this procedure, the Community and the Member States shall be deemed to be one party to the dispute.

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The purpose of these rules is to promote cooperation and coordination between the Parties in the application of their competition laws in order to ensure that restrictions on competition do not block or cancel out the benefits which should be ensured following the progressive liberalisation of trade between the European Community and Algeria.

The liberalisation will be phased according to the sensitivity dormulaire the products.

The Parties shall encourage cooperation in preventing deterioration of the environment, controlling pollution and ensuring the rational use of natural resources, with a view to ensuring sustainable development and guaranteeing the quality of the environment and the protection of public health. Article 75 Cooperation schemes may be carried out in conjunction with the Member States and the relevant international organisations.



Formulaire Cn23

Ratification by all Member Formlaire is a prerequisite for the entry into force of the Agreement. In the cases specified in Articles 22 and 25, before taking the measures provided for therein or, in cases to which paragraph 2 c applies, as soon as dn23, the Community or Algeria, as the case may be, shall supply the Association Committee with all relevant information with a view to seeking a solution acceptable to the two Parties.

The Association Council will meet at ministerial level once a year where possible to discuss the major problems arising in the framework of the Agreement and issues of mutual interest. Article 57 Financial services Cooperation shall be aimed at the improvement and development of financial services. Where ex CN codes are referred to, the applicability of the preferential arrangements is determined on the basis of the CN code and the corresponding description taken jointly. This provision should not obstruct the performance in law or in fact of the particular tasks assigned to these enterprises.

CONVINCED that this Agreement provides a suitable framework for the development of a partnership based on private initiative, and that it will create a climate conducive to economic, trade and investment relations between the Parties, a consideration which offers vital backing for economic restructuring and technological modernisation.

Formulaure 29 The Combined Nomenclature of goods shall be applied to the classification frmulaire goods for imports into the Community. Cooperation schemes may be carried out in conjunction with the Member States and the relevant international organisations. The undersigned customs official requests verification of the authenticity and accuracy of this information certificate.

The reductions in customs duties listed in Annexes 1 and 2 shall be applicable from the date of entry into force of the Agreement on the basic duty, as defined in Article 18 of the Agreement.

The Association Council shall take all appropriate measures to facilitate cooperation and contacts between the European Parliament and the parliamentary institutions of Algeria, and between the Economic and Social Committee of the Community and its formulqire in Algeria. Article 64 Cooperation in statistics The main objective of cooperation in this sphere should be to ensure, in particular through the harmonisation of the methods used by the Parties, the comparability and usefulness of statistics on foreign trade, public finance and balance of payments, population, migration, transport and communications, and generally all the fields covered by this Agreement.

In this context the Parties shall also ensure that the rights of nationals of both Parties are respected without discrimination in the territory of the other Party. The workers in question shall be able to transfer freely to Algeria, at the rates applied by virtue of the legislation of the debtor Member State or States, any pensions or annuities in respect of old age, survivor status, industrial accident or occupational disease, or of invalidity resulting from industrial accident or occupational disease, except fformulaire the case of special non-contributory benefits.


Un certificat de circulation des marchandises EUR. It shall not prejudice the rules governing mutual assistance in criminal matters.

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In accordance with Algerian law, the provision of paragraph 1 applies to wines with the following designations of origin: The reduction referred formulalre in paragraph 1, the list of products concerned and, where appropriate, the tariff quotas within which the reduction will apply shall be established by the Association Council. Requests pursuant to cn32 Protocol shall be made in writing. Article 40 Where one or more Member States of the Community, or Algeria, is in serious balance of payments difficulties, or under threat thereof, the Community or Algeria, as the case formulaie be, may, in accordance with the conditions established under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and Articles VIII and XIV of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund, adopt restrictions on current transactions which shall be of limited duration and may not go beyond what is strictly necessary to remedy the balance of payments situation.

Each Party shall also give the Association Committee an advance written notification containing all relevant information about the decision to apply provisional safeguard measures; this notification must be received at least one week before the measures are applied. They may recommend to the competent bodies amendments which they consider should be made to this Protocol.

Nonobstant l’article 18 paragraphe 7, un certificat de circulation des marchandises EUR. Assistance may be refused or may be subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions or requirements, in cases where a Party is of the opinion that assistance under this Protocol would:.

Non-conference lines shall be free to operate in competition with a conference line as long as they adhere to the principle of fair competition on a commercial basis. Such measures shall not go beyond what is necessary to remedy the difficulties arising and shall maintain the level or margin of preference granted pursuant to this Agreement.