Editorial Reviews. Review. Some widows face their loss with denial . Sophie Good Grief: A Novel – Kindle edition by Lolly Winston. Download it. Good Grief: A Novel [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brilliantly funny and heartwarming New York Times bestseller. Good Grief [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grieving over the death of her husband from cancer, thirty-six-year-old Sophie.

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The only reason that I didn’t “really, really like it” was because the subject matter, while realistically presented, was so painful. Loved, loved, loved this book! Over the years, Lolly has floundered at a number of English major jobs, including: Anyway, she’s always finding Crystal with some gigantic burn on her leg or with bloody arms and has to take her to the hospital.

Then she meets a possibly too-good-to-be-true actor who just has to go ahead and complicate her purposefully simple existence. Trivia About Good Grief. I honestly have no idea. I’m reminded yood the book I read recently, called Loving What Is.

There was so much here that I felt healing coming into my spirit Irritating as it was, the old bag was right.

On the basis of the writing, it deserves a 4. I’d like to adopt this approach. Bad things happen to good people, it’s just the way of life The Best Books of This was my second time reading this book.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston

Throughout this heartbreaking, gorgeous look at loss, Winston imbues her heroine and her narrative with the kind of grace, bitter humor and rapier-sharp realness that will dig deep into a groef heart and refuse to let go. She’s great at self-deprecating humor and very intuitive, but she keeps seeming to go toward the genre that’s “easy”. Sophie eventually starts dating and starts her own business and kind of moves on with her life. Thirty-six-year-old Sophie Stanton desperately wants to be a good widow-a graceful, composed, Jackie Kennedy kind of widow.


I could see myself in her shoes throughout the whole book. Maybe the angel of death grabbed the wrong guy, and Ethan will be returned as soon as they straighten things out Upstairs. Books on Tape Availability: Sells house, moves to Oregon, opens a bakery, joins the Big Sister organization and finds that by helping others she helps herself gpod Amen. With nowhere to go but up, Sophie leaves California for Oregon and after several false starts opens her own fabulous bakery.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston – Review | BookPage | BookPage

She breaks your heart as you see how wjnston falls apart, but she always tells the story with so much humor that you have to laugh out loud. I now can’t put it down.

Winshon is a heartwarming, tear jerking comedy with a lot of life lessons that catch you by surprise. Grieff, start your hairdryers The other characters that fill out the book are a wonderful collection of interesting and different people.

But this novel is anything but textbook Grief Recovery I thought this was beautifully written. One thing that I loved ab I picked this book up years ago for a dollar and I’m not sure why.

Good Grief

It is alternately funny, disarming, and insightful. Thanks for such a wonderful novel Preview — Good Grief by Lolly Winston. Regardless, this book was very enjoyable overall. She has two ways of saying it. I felt sad for the character because I have seen first hand someone close to me deal with how hard it is to live after a loved one has passed on.

In the early eighties she went to Hawaii for eight days and stayed for eight years, boogie boarding and working as the public affairs officer at a local trauma hospital.

Born and raised in the glamorous insurance capital of Hartford, Conn. It’s about a 36 year-old woman whose husband just died of cancer, and winstln her grief in a wry style, all the while wringing your heart out. Good Grief by Lolly Winston. Books of the Week. I’ll not fear what tomorrow will hold for me as if I’m predestined to have grief in my live forever but feel a freedom to savor each moment as if it were a present!

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Winston gives us such a lively gift of a character in Sophie, who, after her grief-stricken stupor starts to dissipate, turns out to be a touchingly normal person, alternately neurotic and strong. M Such a strange experience, a topic grieg is a total heart-break, why do you find yourself giggling???

The film rights have been optioned by Universal Studios.

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to find as much humor in the story as was perhaps intended. Finally realizing this isn’t going to happen, and determined to make a fresh start away from the ghosts of the home she shared with Ethan, Sophie trades her soulless cubicle job in Silicon Valley for a fresh start in Ashland, Oregon, home of Shakespearean festivals and hippies of all ages.

It’s like if we have one hand in yesterday and one in tomorrow then our today is crucified. I plan on sharing it with a friend who lost her husband at a young age as I think she would get a lot out of it. What a pleasant surprise Lolly Winston’s story turned out to be.

This novel balances the protagonist’s hardship This novel tells of a widow who struggles to regain some measure of normalcy with varying degrees of success.