HEMOCHRON Response Coagulation Monitoring Instrument from ITC. Used and refurbished Hemochron Response Coagulation Analyzer from Soma Technology. Request a quote online or call Description. The HEMOCHRON® Response is a whole blood coagulation monitoring instrument designed to be used at the point-of-care. The Response.

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The ACT is then expected to increase after the dose is given. Two specimens will be received three times a year for analysis of activated clotting time. Using the syringe already in place, withdraw the correct amount of the mixture for transfer into the appropriate Hemochron test tube: The Hemochron Response System offers a comprehensive test menu for anticoagulant monitoring.

Werfen in Australia Phone: Verify that heater light is lit. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser.

Before drawing the blood sample, hold test tube vertically and tap the tube bottom several times on a horizontal surface to shake activator particles down into testing zone.

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For our hemocheon in Azerbaijan please, contact: The results may be interpreted by the clinician as an indication of the status of anticoagulant therapy at the time of sample collection. This device has been refurbished and calibrated to OEM specifications. The tube is rotated automatically in the well until clot formation is detected. Enter Operator ID when prompted.


The Hemochron clot detection mechanism consists of a precision aligned magnet within a test tube and a magnetic detector located within the test well. A flashing cursor is positioned where the first character of the new lower limit or lot is to be entered. The first page of the main hekochron is displayed.

The normal level is a second QC tube. Operator lockouts and QC lockout capabilities. For our distributors in Brunei please, contact: Werfen Austria Comesa Austria. Mix the contents of the control test tube and place the tube in the test tube well. There are two abnormal levels. It is the responsibility of the personnel performing the patient testing to perform quality control.

A beep will signal the start of the test.

Hemochron Response

Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. For our distributors in Argentina please, contact: Connects to most POC data management systems. Extensive point-of-care coagulation test menu standardizes testing and improves efficiencies.

Enter Patient ID when prompted. Werfen in Colombia Phone: When a test tube is inserted into the well, the magnetic detector senses a magnet within the test tube as the tube slowly rotates.

The ACT may be affected by hemodilution, cardioplegic solutions, hypothermia, platelet dysfunction, hypofibrinogenemia, other coagulopathies, and certain medications. If temperature is not within limits, contact the Pathology department.


The test results are acceptable if all of the results are within 10 seconds of. When aprotinin is on-board, a kaolin-activated ACT tube should be used. The contents of the tube should not come in contact with the needle or stopper to prevent the possibility of backflow from the tube.

HEMOCHRON Response Coagulation Monitoring Instrument from ITC |

Critical values are up to the assessment of the physician. The instrument gives an audible beep and displays the coagulation time. ITC Hemochron Response whole blood coagulation system. When clot formation is detected, the instrument hemochrln three times and the test name, clotting time in seconds is displayed. This increase depends upon how large the dose is and the duration of the procedure.

The Hemochron Response is a portable, battery operated instrument designed to perform whole blood coagulation tests. Insert the Temperature Verification Tube into the test well. This item may or may not be in original packaging.

Werfen Poland Comesa Poland. Sets the standard at the point-of-care. The seller has specified an extended handling time for this item.