H H. F. F. EN. Device may be connected to or disconnected from a live conductor. Flexible sensors can be connected to or. Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the AC Clamp Meter F ( featuring true RMS measurement) and the AC Clamp Meter Set. Hioki Clamp On HiTester. Discontinued See: F. Easy Operation ; A rms, clamp aperture: 33 mm (“) diameter; Light – g ( oz).

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In addition to current measurement, this single instrument delivers voltage measurement, continuity check, and resistance measurement functionality. As a result, it is becoming difficult to make measurements even with the yioki jaws as the clamp-on sensor portion of the instrument is known that have been a feature of previous products.

AC Clamp Meter | F – Hioki

Log into your myHioki account to access more technical documents and information where available. Technical Notes No results were found. Since the F supports true RMS measurement, it can accurately measure current even when the waveform is distorted.

Cable length mm Their compact size, low-profile design, and resistance to both rough handling and extreme temperatures make them essential tools for any electrician. The F and F enhance the previous and with a broader range of operating temperatures along with the addition of the CT 328 an option, making measurement more convenient for customers.

However, if the signal being measured is distorted, mean value rectification introduces an error component, whereas true RMS measurement yields an accurate RMS value. Using series AC clamp meters: Measurements taken with the Hioki F which uses the mean value method and the the Hioki F which uses the true RMS method are compared.



As a result, it is becoming difficult to measure wires with the low-profile, jaw-type clamp clamp-on current sensor typically used in previous products. True RMS measurement to enable accurate measurement of currents, even when the waveform is distorted There are two methods for measuring AC currents: In addition to AC current measurement, these clamp meters provide voltage and ihoki measurement as well as continuity check functionality.

Operation under a broader array of conditions thanks to an expanded operating temperature range The F features an expanded operating temperature range. Maintenance and management of electrical equipment in buildings and at manufacturing plants necessitates current and voltage measurement, and Hioki has long supplied clamp-on meters for use in the field by electrical professionals.

User Guides No results were found. Ability to make measurements in confined locations easily with a flexible current sensor As distribution panels have become smaller in recent years, the density of the wiring they contain has increased.

Drivers, Firmware No results were found. CT Basic specifications Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year Core jaw dia. Usable temperature range Max.

Hioki Launches AC Clamp Meter 3280-10F and 3280-20F

Furthermore, the CT can measure large currents of up to A. When connected to an optional flexible current sensor, the F can be used to measure the current flowing in pairs of wires or in tangled or complexly routed wires around which it was not possible to apply a clamp-on sensor in the past. For many years, Hioki has supplied clamp-on current meters used in the field to carry out such electrical work.


Essential for electrical work: 32280 methods can accurately measure current that takes the form of a distortion-free sine wave, but the mean-value method is incapable of accurate measurement when the waveform is distorted due to use of inverter-equipped devices or switching power supplies.

Basic specifications Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year AC Current Observe the difference between readings from these two types of instruments when measuring a distorted waveform that contains harmonic components yioki as those produced by inverters and switching power hiiki.

Easy measurement of tangled wires when used with a flexible current sensor As distribution panels have become smaller in recent 32880, technicians have increasingly found themselves faced with tangled wiring.

For more information, please contact: By offering over main products characterized by safety and quality while meeting an expansive range of applications, we aim to contribute to the efficiency and value of our customers’ work in research and development, production and electrical maintenance.

Seminar Videos On Demand No results were found. As a result, it can be used in even harsher environments. The F delivers all the functionality of a clamp meter and card tester in the form factor of the latter. For more information, please contact: