Egyptian Henbane learn more about names for this taxon Hyoscyamus muticus Trusted Image of Hyoscyamus muticus; Map of Hyoscyamus muticus. Expert(s). Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s). Source: Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), – , database (version ). Conjugation of reduced glutathione to a wide number of exogenous and endogenous hydrophobic electrophiles.

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Endopolyploidy in diploid and tetraploid maize Zea mays L. Flow cytometry analysis of ploidy levels: Tropane alkaloids, especially hyoscyamin and scopolamine, are widely used in medicine for their mydriatic, antispasmodic, gyoscyamus, analgesic and sedative properties Zehra et al.

Polyploidy manipulation has been successfully used in plant breeding to facilitate the production of superior cultivars in hykscyamus crop species. In grade 1, the number of diploid nuclei is more than tetraploids, whereas in grade 2, the number is equal.

Autotetraploid plants from colchicine-treated bud culture of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The ploidy level of treated plants near their flowering stage, was measured by flow cytometry Partec PA, Germany.

Hyoscyamus muticus – Useful Tropical Plants

It can be efficiently used for ploidy determination in plants growing in fields or in the greenhouse Dolezel et al. Flow cytometric profiles of colchicine-treated plants: In root samples, the proportion of G 1 and G 2 nuclei were nearly balanced and had higher debris, while in leaf and stem, the proportion of G 2 nuclei was higer than those of G 1 nuclei and had a small amount of debris.

Hyoscyamus muticusthe Egyptian henbaneis a shrub in the family of Solanaceae that is native to desert areas of North Africa. In vitro induction of tetraploid plants from diploid Zizyphus jujuba Mill.


In vitro tetraploid induction and generation of tetraploids frome mixoploids in hop Humulus lupulus L. It has been reported that the tetraploid plant, Hyoscyamus muticushad nearly 1.

The biology and biochemistry of underground organs. A minimum of nuclei were measured per sample and histograms of DNA content were generated using the Mode Fit software. After about 40 days of growth, all colchicines treated plantlets hyosctamus significantly shorter shoots than untreated plantlets. Male sterility was a visible effect of tetraploid induction of H. Survival and growth of colchicine treated plantlets: Usually leading to mixoploidy Roy et al.

Colchicine has been used for chromosome doubling in many crops including banana Hamill et al. Tropane alkaloids, terpenoids and isoflavonoids are among the most important medicinal compounds found in plant roots. To our knowledge, this is the first estimation of genome size for hyoscyamus muticus.

Thus, the polyploid plants may increase biomass or product yields Gao et al. The positive and significant correlation between ploidy level and biomass production, is economically important for medicinal plant s, such as the Egyptian henbane. Cell-cycle regulation of hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein HRGPnt3 gene expression during the initiation of lateral root meristems.

It contains alkaloids that are useful in pharmaceuticals. They have white or green corolla and upper lips in deep purple-violet. Kinetic stabilizationof microtubule dynamics at steady state by tau and microtubule binding domain of tau. In addition, hyoscyamue leaf, muticue and root which can be useful parts in most medicinal plant s are usually bigger in polyploidy plants than in diploid plant.

Also, no 8n nuclei peak in the flow cytometry histogram of control root samples was observed, whereas leaf and stem samples of this plants, in some cases showed a small percentage of 8n nuclei peaks.

This study showed that stomata characteristics markedly differed between diploid and tetraploid plants. Out of 50 plantlets, five pure tetraploid plants were seen and the rest of them were mixoploids which were mostly nuticus grade 3. Tetraploid Induction of Hyoscyamus muticus L. Genetic improvement of Egyptian henbane, Hyoscyamus muticus L. The average number of chloroplast in stomata guard cells of diploid plants were 30, whereas tetraploid plants produced by colchicine treatment exhibited about 55 hyyoscyamus in the mentioned cells Fig.


Hyoscyamus muticus

Thus, induction of artificial polyploidy may prove useful in increasing the production of these important medicinal compounds Dhawan and Lavania, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Analysis of nuclear DNA content in plant cells by flow cytometry. The leaves are high in alkaloids including scopolaminewhich is used in pharmaceuticals.

Hyoscyamus muticuscommonly known as Egyptian henbane, is native to Sub-Saharan Hyoscyaus from Mauritania hyoscyamua Sudan and is also found in Saudi Arabia and the eastern Mediterranean.

The dates turned out to be poisoned with a substance that caused dizziness and psychosis. The plant is toxic in higher doses, and deaths have been reported from eating locusts that had eaten Egyptian henbane.

Since, key facts with regards to the physiology of this plant are unknown, however, basic physiological studies are still required to understand this stringent process in Hyoscyamus muticus. The fruit is a capsule.

Muhicus, this agent works effectively only on dividing cells, thus polyploidization generally does not equally occur in all explant cells, leading to the occurrence of mixoploids and chimeras Wan et al. The leaves may also be applied as a poultice to relieve pain.

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