In Jed Rubenfeld’s novel “The Interpretation of Murder,” Sigmund Freud arrives in New York City in and admires the skyscrapers. THIS much-hyped debut novel, a historical thriller by Jed Rubenfeld, “The Interpretation of Murder” takes as its subjects Sigmund Freud’s. This first novel by legal academic Jed Rubenfeld represents an act of will on the part of its author. Rubenfeld, a professor of constitutional and.

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This book had been on my shelf for quite a while instilling a strange curiosity. Nora Acton is based on Dora otherwise Ida Bauer who is described in Freud’s most controversial case history. The reader forges ahead, puzzled, as Rubenfeld throws out approximately one zillion plot lines, none of which seems to have much to do with the other.

The Interpretation of Murder

Looking for More Great Reads? Lists with This Book. Younger alone, rubenfepd by building in the larger cast of characters, each with their own parts to play, the story takes on added dimensions that really incite the reader to turn pages.

View all 34 comments. The victim of a sadist, Nora was choked, whipped, and cut with a knife.

This story lots to offer to mystery lovers as well as devotees of old New York and the followers of Freud and Jung. Jan 03, Anita rated it really liked it.

His take on America’s evolution rubenfe,d the past century was not only painstakingly researched but also borderline accurate within the lines of fictional liberty, of course. Spy of the First Person. View all 8 comments. I wanted to like The Interpretation of Murder.

One reason could be that even after branding this as a mystery starring Freud, the psychoanalyst and his even more famous protege continue to be more of an awe inspiring drapery hung in the background than being actively involved in the goings on. In addition to portraying the disturbing lack of ethics on the part of the therapist our hero? Ruenfeld About The Interpretatio The title itself is a play on Freud’s famous book The Interpretation of Dreams and some of the thinking behind that work is brought out in the novel in a way that makes the ideas accessible.


This book is fast paced and has a cast of many characters that keeps the story moving along. It just goes to show that you can never really trust reviews because people are not being realistic I felt like the story was leading up for him in some way, but died out at the end. Mostly what ruined this story was the unnecessarily detailed descriptions of the sadistic sexual assaults, described in What a disappointment!

However, her body has gone missing from the morgue. However, the jeed Nora was attacked, Banwell has the perfect alibi: The Sadness of Beautiful Things. There were a few times that I had to check to make sure that the time frame of this story was correct. Dr Younger quite fortuitously involves Sigmund Freud to help in the case and this gives it a completely new perspective. It’s well-researched and I like that, but I don’t like it enough to make that criterion carry enough weight to help it sail to the top of my rating scale.

We learn that a main character’s father has killed himself in the past, but are given no more information on the subject at eubenfeld. This could’ve easily surpassed as one of the most entertaining non-fiction books with Freud’s personal take on Hamlet and his arguments about the innate carnal desires of men and women.

Jul 27, Rowland Pasaribu rated it really liked it. For anyone slightly interested in psychology, this book will whet your appetite slightly. How long do you force yourself through a book you dislike before you put it down for good?

Younger and Lieutenant Littlemore.

The Interpretation of Murder – Wikipedia

Jed Rubenfeld takes his place in literary entertainment with grand eloquence in his first novel, The Interpretation of Murderpublished by Henry Holt. Voyager 25th Anniversary Edition. This was really a page turner, especially when they were down in the caisson. The abstract concepts of psychoanalysis have been brilliantly explained, however the book becomes slow and loses its charm towards the end.


I liked the whole idea of the story, but I did’t feel like I connected with any of the characters in the story.

The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld | : Books

I could so visualize that. Carl Jung is portrayed as having serious personality order of his own which degenerates into downright insanity, but the amiable Dr Freud seems unaffected by his raw ambition and seems to want to protect the man. Rubenfeld exercises a siren call, working dexterously with a small cast of suspects, pulling blind after double-blind, with enough twists and turns to satisfy a James Patterson or Jeffrey Deaver fan.

Feb 02, Natalie Vellacott rated it it was ok Shelves: There is also a great attempt to recreate the atmosphere and landscape of New York City at the turn of the last century and perhaps this was reflected in too much.

I’m not familiar enough with the subject to know if this was the author’s fictional guess as to his relationship with Freud or if the guy was actually a bit crazy. Suspenseful, more like wading through sludge and wondering when you will reach the end.

Dec 16, Aretha rated it it was ok. View all 3 comments. This is my new “You gotta read this book” recommendation. When is a murder mystery not a murder mystery? More than 2, because it did keep my interest. Stratham Younger, an American psychoanalyst, is appointed by the university to act as liaison officer for Dr.