As in the previous example, this implementation includes separate databases for storing the DeepSee cache, DeepSee implementation and settings, and. Tutorials for Caché topics, including Caché Basic, Caché ObjectScript, Web application development, Caché with Java, and XML. Applies to Caché & Ensemble. Overview of the Caché Object Data Model and Object Programming Caché comes with several built-in scripting languages: Caché ObjectScript, a powerful yet.

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Caché Tutorials – Caché & Ensemble

It was actually my intention from the start that it could benefit someone. This is a typical marketing approach, just like Progress: Yes, that’s right, you have to use a special application to edit your code. Loading More Posts 68 Posts. It’s not perfect but if you cacche know what your’e doing as intersystemms most languages then you can produce some pretty damn sexy stuff quickly. Oh, by the way, GT. Most of the APIs were built to be as flexible as possible — which results in a single named API having 20 different purposes in some cases.

I mean, it’s only 3 years old with at least 3 bumps from deadness already. Maybe Mumps code doesn’t look so bad by comparison: Everyone has APIs that have to be learned. Well, in my original rantI was trying to be discrete. For one thing, as a programmer, I can take an item tutoria in one of those globals and give it “children,” which might be some additional properties of that item.

If L is true, kill unset the M variable. I think you might’ve started in the job after I resigned I did a stint for 6 months at a certain hospital, where they used Cache-based software to run the emergency department.

MUMPS – The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Finally making heads or tails out of Cache I still hate itbut I am beginning to understand it As far as understanding it goes. The relationships are hierarchical. If Mumps would live on to support running legacy software – fine, but to continue to market it as a valid and modern solution for any problem is frankly dishonest. And dont be fooled into believing that database iintersystems is slow via SQL or any other means.


Breakpoint if C is true. So you have these tables, that you can’t really see, and you have data, which is like no where. The structure is schema-less and the data is stored in multidimensional hierarchical sparse arrays also known as key-value nodes, sub-trees, or associative memory.

C B Farley Consultant.

Although the language has been criticized as archaic, modern users compare it favorably to Python. It’s all good and well that they are security conscious, but I swear they hired 60 year old programmers, and cocaine addicts as security specialists very paranoid or maybe Conspiracy Theorists, and when explaining all the caveats they wanted covered, failed interdystems explain that it should still allow for Cache to be tied into another Webserver easily, with minimal fuss.

I still run cold at the mention of CSP’s.

There’s no Mumps language processor for it – it’s accessed via JavaScript, and as such is a rejuvenation of this powerful database technology, but cast in a modern technology setting. A true living fossil The VA had written VistA, their integrated hospital system that has been keeping patient records for nearly 40 years comeit will be 40 years. And as in any other language, a uttorial, disciplined programmer can write very clear maintainable code.

You have to focus your expertise in one or two systems. Join Data Science Central. Hidden Disease – Yeah, it’s probably what causes postal workers to go postal, and programmers to leave for careers in fields far far away from computers.

Compilation does not always work first time despite what studio reports. Apparently Intersystems has created another database called Ensemble, which is supposedly used at places like Verizon, U.

And it doesn’t stop there. It’s days like today that make me wonder if, like Peter Gibbons, I would be happier outside, cleaning up the debris from the acche at the Old Initech Place.


That would explain the WTF is this on my bills every month. No way to access it.

What the Daily WTF?

As you should gather from the name the original need was driven by large hospitals and ultimately banks to drive high-throughput multi-user transaction processing. It’s an emulation of the Mumps database, but using Redis.

I have intsrsystems agree, you’ve had me rolling on the floor from this thread. Add Videos View All. Each array may have up to 32 subscripts, or dimensions.

It is now my gospel. Smells like a macro-language if you ask me. Michael Byrne, writing on Motherboard does a good job of explaining this. Of course, as we see here all too frequently, that’s true in most languages.

ObjectScript Tutorial – Caché & Ensemble

Reply Quote 1 1 Reply Last reply. Hey, here’s a WTF: Once I tried cachee call a static method in a class and got errors however I did it. He can be reached at:. Lack of built in functions Built in functions are not robust enough e. First, they’re Web Server Sucks and their documentation sucks, otherwise I’d have switched it over to the Apache Web Server I have running on my dev machine Then they have their programming language which sucks, give me a good clean language that was designed to be human readable at all times like CPHP, Thtorial or JavaScript when well written.

This is the greatest, and most true thing I have ever read. Having a 40 year old dinosaur in the organization process block diagram just interssytems be good for progress, it just can’t So when you go into a hospital and the anesthetist offers you the year old anesthetic or the new one that’s only been tried on one patient before tutoria, which one do you choose? A good way to get started with GT.