Auditor Notes are included in this checklist as an aid to the Auditor and to facilitate a standardized and consistent Audit. Auditor Notes fall into four categories. Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) is an in- . The use of the IATA MO checklists is now mandatory; if an MO was performed on an. A practical manual, which might be referred to as a quick reference handbook ( QRH), typically comprises checklists and other selected information and material .

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Refer to the IRM for the definition of Checklistt Flight crew members are directly involved in the implementation of security measures and thereby require an awareness of obligations to the Security Program of the Operator. The specification in item iii may be satisfied by any pictorial representation approved or accepted for the purpose by the Authority, such as an instrument approach plate or chart. LOS scenarios are as standardized and scripted as possible.

Refer to the Guidance associated checklizt CAB 3. Such program shall also, as a minimum, address: The specifications in items i and ii refer to obstructions that would render an exit or area outside an exit unusable during an emergency evacuation. The specifications of this provision may be satisfied by guidance that describes flight crew actions related to Flight Management Computer FMC automated navigational accuracy messages e.

Setting measurable safety objectives is included in the safety performance monitoring and measurement element of the Safety Assurance component of the SMS framework. This should not preclude the operator from describing authorized operations, including conditions and limitations for such operations, in associated documents and in a manner that is consistent with the specifications of this provision. It is understood that competence in all potential normal and non-normal procedures may not be demonstrated annually but in accordance with a schedule that is acceptable to the Authority.

Such evaluation shall include a demonstration of knowledge of: However, a CCTV system is not required in order to conform to this provision. Such training and evaluation shall address, as applicable: Training could be outsourced, in which case ioosa typically range from simple dry lease of a training device to delegation of all training to an external organization e.


IOSA Checklist – Aviation Quality Services

An evaluation in conjunction with Initial Type Qualification satisfies this requirement. An uncontrolled airport is an airport without an operating control tower. The operator may choose to address the specification of this provision checklish part of a plan for succession of command in accordance with FLT 1.

For example, the FAA, via a letter of acceptance, attests to the integrity of data from a U.

This provision is satisfied if a process exists for the introduction into the training program of each specification that results from the coordination processes required by FLT 1. Approved minimum quantity is a quantity of fuel established by the operator or Authority.

A Mode C or greater transponder satisfies the specifications of this provision.

New IOSA checklists available in IQSMS | ASQS – Intuitive Quality & Safety Management

The determination of variant within type is within the domain of the State as part of flight crew licensing. The aims of the IOSA programme are:.

Such guidance shall be published in the OM and, if applicable, be in accordance with the requirements of the Authority. This provision, however, contains specifications only related to the use of such doors when installed.

Refer to FLT 2. The intent of this provision is for the operator to provide instructions for the PIC to determine if all engine takeoff and departure climb performance is adequate for the planned operation under the existing conditions. The specifications of this provision would typically apply to periodic audits of the training organization and program, whether training is conducted by the operator or outsourced to an external service provider.

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Sufficient recognition or alert time to realize that terrain is rapidly approaching or; Sufficient response time to accomplish an aircraft escape maneuver once potential terrain conflict is recognized. For example, where the EFB is used for aircraft performance calculations such limitations would typically require procedures for flight crew members to independently verify cchecklist data and crosscheck calculations in a manner that provides sufficient opportunities for errors to be detected.


Maneuvers and procedures that cannot be safely accomplished in an aircraft shall include, as a minimum: The specification in item ii refers to the monitoring of the In Flight Broadcast Procedures IFBP frequency in areas of the world where such procedures are required.

Examples of such situations include: Such guidance and data shall cnecklist the flight crew considers all relevant factors affecting aircraft performance, to include: The intent of this provision is to ensure communication between flight crew and cabin crew during abnormal and emergency situations is conducted using standardized methods of communication identified and defined in documentation available to applicable crew members.

Specialized training could include training on a specific type of new equipment e. Remedial training and subsequent evaluation of flight crew unable to achieve or maintain required standards can be tailored to the needs of the individual concerned.

The principal intent of this provision is to ensure the security of kosa flight deck by providing the flight crew with appropriate guidance, procedures and instructions for use when a reinforced flight deck door is installed, regardless ioda the aircraft configuration passenger, cargo, combi.

If an instrument approach is required into an airport for which the PIC has not made an actual approach, the PIC shall be accompanied by a pilot flight crew member or pilot observer on chfcklist flight deck who is qualified for the airport unless any of the following conditions exist: Refer to Guidance associated with ORG 3.

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