Jawhara al-Tawhid. Public. · Hosted by Meem Institute. Interested. clock. Every Friday, Oct 27, – Jan 19, · UTC+ Event ended about 9 months ago. An Outpouring of Subtleties upon the Pearl of Divine Oneness – Fayd al-Latīf ‘alā Jawharah al-Tawhīd by Allie Khalfe. In the name of Allah. Snippets of the text Support by donating to Islamictext Cape Town and assist with the spread of Knowledge and Education Partial introduction In the Name of.

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As for the idafithis is a starting point before the intended act, even though something might have preceded it like the basmalah. Jawahra point is the beginning and the essence of all the letters and words within the book.

Naht is a word-formation process using the initial letters or syllables of a string of words in a formula to create a quadrilateral noun. One that will unpack [ tusfiru ] its symbols [ rumuz ] and secrets [ asrar ] and lift the veil of what is hidden within jawara. In worldly letters he was unversed, but with spiritual knowledge his mind and soul were filled. The text makes clear the truth and the veritable nature of the Prophets, the Messengers, our Resurrection on the Day of Judgment and so much more.

The basmalah should also not precede poetry that is considered detested like a man longing and yearning for a woman who might not be lawful for him [ taghazzul ].

Jawhara al-Tawhid – English commentary by Allie Khalfe

His work has brought forth such clarity that it has facilitated many students of knowledge to experience the easiest and most accessible way to understand tawhhid various Islamic sciences.

In it the author systemized all the unique and critical issues of this craft [ fann ]. I have added sample screenshots of the contents below and tawihd your duas for success with this endeavour. The basmalah need not be mentioned before these pure adhkar s. It is said that its root is lah and that the alif and lam are added to exalt it. All Divine secrets are contained within this dot.


The Arabic word for mankind is insanwhich is derived from the root nasiyameaning to forget or err. Imam Laqqani was one of the renowned scholars of the Al-Azhar tawhiv, in the 11th century of Islam approximately years ago and, needless to say, research into his Jawharah and into the discipline of theology continues to this day at the Azhar al-Sharif.

His responsibility is to teach and spread the knowledge he has been blessed with. On the word ism in the basmalah. Our son, Shaykh Allie Khalfe, is an intelligent student of knowledge. One who is upright, truthful and honest.

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Fayd al-Litāf ‘ala Jawhara al-Tawhīd – A concise commentary on The Jawhara al-Tawhid

I request from him to pray for us, his teachers and the entire Muslim ummah. A Muslim does not experience education as the nourishment of the mind alone, but rather as the nourishment of the body and soul as well. This has brought about a unique attachment and relationship with the Islamic lands of Africa, Asia and the entire Islamic realm, which is increasing around the globe.

It is my hope that the reader of this text look upon it with the eye of pardon[10] and jjawhara the faults which I have made within it. It is the greatest of all the Names, because it refers to the Supreme Essence, in which is jaqhara all the perfection of the Divine Qualities.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The name could be Arab, Persian or Jawharz, whereas the thing named may not be of that sort. So when the pen touches the paper, before it moves and writes a book, it first produces a dot. Shaykh Allie Khalfe has chosen to present a gift to his family and to his fellow countrymen of South Africa — in it are the rare and expensive jewels of Al-Jawharah al- Tawhid.

Jawhara al-Tawhid – The Precious Jewel of Divine Oneness | The Ash’aris

Free is He from the imperfection of having any deficiency and its opposites[2]. In this case it is any symbol that indicates the named. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Knowledge indeed gushes from the Azhar al-Sharif like fountains from the earth.

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It is the ignorant who increased it. Notify me of new posts via email.

They are of knowledge and intellectual research, in the noblest science and the greatest quest, the Tawhid — the Unicity — of Allah, Most High.

Dear Rima Ahmad, where can we find the commentary by your teacher Moulavi Babu Sahib may allah bless him? Some of my brothers have tzwhid me to write a commentary [ hashiya ] on the poem. You are commenting using your Jwahara. May Allah bless you for your endeavours, amin. And if someone says it with his innermost being, that person will actually witness the Master.