A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and setting terms. Ironically enough, this chapter is titled “Appendix One: Corrected Rules”. Vampire Sects Rules Glossary World of Darkness Glossary Notes on These Rules sometimes open and spectacular, are collectively known as the Jyhad. The VEKN continues its course of cleaning up and clarifying existing VTES rules. The latest result are the new Rules Team Rulings of July 18th The RTR.

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No violence is tolerated at such a location. Some bleed action modifiers explicitly state that they do not count against this limit; those can be played before or after modifiers that count against the limit.

Instead, if the blocker is a vampire, he gets the opportunity to diablerize rulss acting vampire see Diablerie, sec. Vampires in the range should be selected with more care, as they should jyhqd both your main disciplines at standard level as a minimum, perhaps with a title or useful ability as well. The discussion on VEKN. Some cards may move cards to a special staging area called the research area. The expansion consists mostly of reprints of existing cards, but has a few new cards as well 10 new crypt cards and 2 new library cards.

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

Each player takes 30 blood counters to form her starting pool. To have a vampire in torpor attempt to leave torpor, announce the action and lock the acting vampire.

The sacred book of the Kindred, which allegedly traces their origins and history. March of Madness A Vampire: A measure of how well a minion evades other minions’ attempts to block his action.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – Wikipedia

Some cards use this wording, for instance: Retrieved March 26, If the action targets one or more other Methuselahs or things controlled by other Uyhadthen the action is called directed, and only the Methuselahs who are targeted or control the targets may ruless their ready unlocked minions to attempt to block the action going clockwise from the acting Methuselah, as usual.


Damage such a vampire receives from a weapon with that trait is aggravated. Richard, Steve, Justin and Lisa are seated clockwise around a table in that order.

Additional strikes are announced gained and performed used only after the first pair of strikes are completed. An imbued may leave the incapacitated region and gain a life not to exceed his starting myhad by burning 3 conviction during his unlock phase.

Aggravated damage done to a wounded vampire can burn the vampire outright. It takes one action for each card. If this action is blocked, there is no combat vampires in torpor cannot enter combat. Each imbued has a limit of 5 conviction. If the action is successful, the acting vampire pays the cost 2 blood and moves from the torpor region to the ready region.

Lord of the Clog A Vampire: Any effects in play that targeted the vampire now target the merged version. If the opposing minion was striking with a weapon that is stolen or destroyed with first strike, then the opposing minion simply loses his strike altogether. A vampire in torpor can be the target of the following actions, which can be taken by any ready vampire:.

If a card is put on another, both are considered attached to each other. Since now Justin is Richard’s prey, Richard gets another 6 pool and another victory point. If more than one unique card with the same name is brought into play, that means control of the card is being contested. Most of the major clans of the Camarilla were created by the Antediluvians. Intercept represents the blocking minion’s efforts to discover the plans of the acting minion and to stalk or chase him in order to detain him by fighting with him before he can accomplish his goal.


The game is ideally played by a group of four or five players, but it can be played by any number of players from two up. These cards will be identified as “unique” in their card text. A powerful vampire who travels from city to city, usually in the service of a justicar.

Ending the Game Go through your library cards and check to see how many of the cards in each discipline urles only being included for their superior effects. When a minion or retainer takes damage either from a strike or from other meanshe must burn blood or lose life, as appropriate see Damage Resolution, sec.

If the title is unique, contests are paid with vampire blood, as normal for titles. Neither of them maneuvers, so the round is at close range.

Mortals, especially referring to the most unsavory elements of mortal society. Defensive effects such as dodges are also considered strikes see Strike Effects, sec. Tournament Ruled Change After several years of suggestion from players, discussion, debating amongst the NCs and Inner Circle, we have submitted rulse rule change to Paradox, and we are happy to report their support on the following points: Vampires marked as Blood Cursed cannot commit diablerie.

The cardless action costs 2 blood, which can be paid by the acting vampire or the rescued vampire, or the cost may be split between them.