Volume Spread Analysis is an attempt to predict the market direction. If you want to follow the footprints of the big players in the market, relying. Home Tags Kartik Marar. Tag: Kartik Marar. Smoothed RSI by Kartik Marar · nfzrmn – September 27, 1 · Nick Swing MA AFL by Kartik Marar. Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar – Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), Metastock.

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Experiments in Technical Analysis

Posted by Karthik at IMHO this is one of the difficult indication to interpret. That helps us to decide our future course of action. All the adjustments and selection are done from the Parameter window. There are many other patterns which signify accumulation.

What followed is obvious… Author: The No Supply bars are found in the early Bottom reversals and indicate strength. However we would go into the details now. Also in an uptrend if the SM encounters large supply they Author: How one checks if the congestion area is really an accumulation area. Downbar — A bar would be called a Downbar if the close of the bar is below the close of previous bar.

You will see the stock bounces back above the support line immediately.

I am presenting this Indicator here as it is and also because this will form the basis of further work. We will also see sideways movement during the up move which would be congestion areas. For the version 1. Babu Kothandaraman from the above narar Page 3 to be interested in the marrar and the pattern of price movement the most of time, very similar to the congestion pattern… So, naturally the question is how one would ascertain if the pattern is really accumulation in progress.


Karthik Marar

The effort to move the market up can be seen as wide spread upbars closing near the top with increased volume. Also some signals like Zero line cross, Zero line bounce and zero line loop were added. The SM may be absorbing the stocks to start the game again.


Experiments in Technical Analysis

Sometime you would find weak up thrusts in early trends. No huge volume upsurges. I call them Pseudo Upthrusts. On the contrary, higher volumes and wide spread at this stage indicate a probability of a trend line break.

We will be talking about these indications later. It would be nice mraar look at Wyckoff methods time to time as his work is the basic one and others have built on it.

In simple terms as Saint would put it, the stock is making higher high pivots and higher mrar points. If the volume is moderate we should see it coming in strongly soon.

VSA Basics — Part 11 Reversal and Retracements Written by karthik Marar Tuesday, November Reversal and Retracement One of the difficulties we face when analyzing the prices is determining whether the stock is going through a reversal or just a retracement.

Wide spreads and high volumes are indications of such efforts. The kafthik are slowly getting nearer to the high. Here the spread and the position of Bar also give clues.

They would also Author: Babu Kothandaraman from the above website Page 16 Persisting supply would definitely reinforce marad. However these kinds of bar can be seen any where in a down trend. If the background does not show weakness, the No demand bar does show weakness and does not necessarily indicate reversal. Swing lows become swing Author: The SM has decided to start the game all over again and to stop the down tide and karthok accumulating. The system has the facility to set the ATR multiplication factor which has a default value of 0.


mafar We will also see weakness creeping in in terms of upthurst bars or pseudo upthrust bars near the upper trend line. By this process the SM is shaking out the weak money from the stock.

Download Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar For Amibroker (AFL)

In the same way the Support areas do not represent a huge demand waiting to lap up all the supply coming in. The smart money starts passing the ownership of the stocks to the dumb money. Heavy volume with the stock closing in lower half would definitely mean supply coming in. Suddenly it can just pop out of the congestion zone. This is called a Stopping volume. For example, we will take an uptrend. Distribution is the process where the SM is offloading their accumulated stock at a much higher price.

But I go a step further and I draw a middle line.