Perfect for fans of Sliding Doors, Kasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential futures. Addison Coleman’s life is one. Perfect for fans of Sliding Doors, Kasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential n. Perfect for fans of Sliding Doors, Kasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential n Coleman’s life.

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Sure, there is a subplot involving loved ones being in danger and yes, a choice that is agonizing in theory ; but so much of the book deals with the poiht and uninteresting things like FOOTBALL that I just wasn’t as crazy about this as I know some of my friends have been. In other words, when she has a decision to make, she can see the future of each choice and pick the one that’s best. We request another book.

Addie’s voice, combined with her dialogue with other characters, kept me smiling from the very first page. Buy the selected items together This item: This future has a less than likeable love interest, however.

Pivot Point Series

From School Library Journal Gr 8 Up-Growing up in Compound, a secret facility where people with paranormal abilities reside, Addison Coleman knows no other life picot her parents divorce and she has to decide whether to stay with her mother in Compound or move to Texas with her father and live in a world filled with Normals.

Very well done, Kasie West. From the light-hearted and hilarious dialogue between the characters, kasei the sheer likeability of the protagonist – Addie – who doesn’t bog down the novel with melodrama and angst but leads us through a story that is completely enjoyable and practically 3.

She calls her best friend over and, to help decide, uses her powers as a searcher to see both paths in the future. With two stories in one, there is no time to get bored. I distinctly remember enjoying one of the Will povs, but the other not as much. Anyways, the twist that it really was Bobby all along and wasn’t even Poison literally made me gasp out wwest. It was executed beautifully in my opinion-Kat may pivvot other ideas- ‘s okay, Kat, you know more than me, anyway lol and it made me smile when the two worlds would parallel the same event poinf in different ways.


I have absolutely zero clue as to why I get so overwhelmingly depressed when it comes to false scenarios and interchangeable events-but I do. The end will not disappoint. I only wish that one of the characters in this book could erase my memory of reading this so I can start it – and fall in love with it – all over again. And I realize I’m jumping around a bit in this review, but the characters in Pivot Point were so remarkably developed, and the same goes kasir the romances.

It’s not often that I am so confused and conflicted about a story that I go to sleep not knowing what to rate and then wake up and feel the same way. If this pint was so top secret, why were they allowed to go into the normal world? I used to absolutely love paranormal YA, but lately it’s been so inundated with mediocre and bizarre crap that I’ve been leaning more towards character driven contemporary stuff instead. It just confused me. pvot

I’ll start with Trevor, because I like to think that he’s the main one. And this one ponit perfect. Do people with powers not suffer from the emotional fallout of parents divorcing like the rest of us normal human beings? The chapter headings were a fun little touch to distinguish between 2 different stories which took place in the PARA special powers community and the NORM normal community.

: Pivot Point (): Kasie West: Books

The romance, aka sort of a love triangle but not really, was meh. Pivot Point, by Kasie West. Or so she thought.

If she stays with her mother, she stays with what she knows dest has the opportunity to expand and perfect her powers. I have a hard time trying to figure out which restaurant to go to or which movie to watch when given a choice. Each reality is played out in alternating chapters, and I soon found a reality and romance I was partial to. Addie has the ability to see the future.


But wa Kasie West is a certified writer of fluffy reads.

La trama si prospettava interessante fin dall’inizio: As usual,she has this way of manipulating my feelings for her male characters. But when I did come back, I found myself flying through the rest of the book in less than a couple of hours.

When Addie’s parents announce that they are getting a divorce, they want Addie to decide whether to stay with her mother in the Compound where people with supernatural abilities including her best friend live, or to move to Dallas, Ponit with her father and live amongst normal people. She is a searcher and is able to see alternate paths when she wesh to make a decision. Addison Coleman’s life is one big “What if? It’s an amazing book, and I haven’t fangirled this much in a long time!

And I feel SO BAD- for the first time ever – for not liking a book by an author I’ve come to love but damnall I was reading was basically the same theme over and over again with different guys. Because for some reason I was expecting some action packed perilous showdown.

I sense a disturbing new trend in young adult books of borrowing high concept ideas from other genres, slapping it over your typical relationship drama like a crude veneer, and passing it off as the innovative new thing – and I don’t like it.

So why am I going on about this? I couldn’t pull away from it! I give him the are-you-serious?